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Thread: The Free State Project - would you?

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    Default The Free State Project - would you?

    Are you tired of government always getting bigger?
    Do you feel like the only person around who just wants to be free?
    You are not alone!
    What is the Free State Project?
    The Free State Project

    In July of 2001, a Ph. D. Student at Yale University named Jason Sorens wrote an article highlighting the failures of libertarian activism and what might be done to further the cause of personal human liberty. The traditional method of capturing government power and influence through elections in order to reduce such power and influence simply was not working. The Libertarian Party had been around for almost 30 years by that point, having been formed in December of 1971 in response to growing concern over the Nixon Administration, the War in Vietnam, military conscription, and a move away from an economic gold standard of currency. In those thirty years, the party largely failed to accomplish any of its goals. It had only one single electoral vote in 1972 from the presidential candidacy of John Hospers and Theodora Nathan.
    A new approach other than electoral politics had to be adopted. Rather than working as disparate voices in the wilderness talking about government overreach and political corruption, libertarians would be better served congregating together in a single state in order to form an island of small government activity in a nation going increasingly mad with unwieldy government power. Such was the idea.
    The successes and failures of the Free State Project

    And this cautionary from a town that went feral - dont feed the bears..

    So Nob you gonna move to New Hampshire?
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    Trump can't actually win an election.. can he ?
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    Short answer is no.
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    I think you're right here.

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    I have very mixed asks for my government.

    I want socialized medicine and welfare, environmental protections, pro-choice women's freedoms, but I also want limited gun control and business freedoms that encourage entrepreneurs and innovation.

    I would like restrictions on religions that treat women as lower species / restrict their freedoms.

    The government should also encourage/ give cash to child-free couples and discourage low income folks from popping out kids.

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