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Thread: Lulzy left the tobacconist racket just in time, didn't she?

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    Default Lulzy left the tobacconist racket just in time, didn't she?

    In the U.S., teen cigarette smoking was down to like 5 percent, now vaping has shot it back up to like 25 percent. And it is killing people off mysteriously. Not to mention, big companies are being sued for marketing practices which seemed to cater to children.

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    In the UK you can tell a town is poor when the high street (Main Street in US parlance) is full of vaping shops and gambling establishments like slot machines or horse racing bookies.

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    I read a book on urban planning that described a bit of a major thoroughfare in my city as the worst strip of road in Canada, and he wasn't wrong from a certain perspective; it's full of vape shops.

    EDIT: not that the vape shops are why, it's just a symptom; used to be a weapons shop there for similar reasons.
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