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Thread: Dirty Wars (2013)

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    Movies Dirty Wars (2013)

    Dirty Wars is a docu-drama that tells the story behind the rise of JSOC - the Joint Special Operations Command. Formerly the most secretive fighting force in US history, JSOC took the limelight willingly when it was successful in taking down Osama Bin Laden.
    The man behind this feature is Jeremy Scahill, the same fellow who blew the lid open on Blackwater.

    I think both NoB and Cullion will find this especially interesting.
    An interesting piece of film-making that raises questions about the global war on terror, the limits of power and freedom and documents some of the perils involved in hard-core investigative journalism.
    Scahill's inquiries lead him to Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan; all while uncovering the scary truth about the president's mandate and how far the government is willing to go to wage its war on Islamic extremism.
    Well worth watching.

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    Questionable activities against enemies of the U.S. just make me horny.
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    Does John die at the end?
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