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    Movies HARA-KIRI - DEATH OF A SAMURAI (2011)

    Directed by Takashi Miike ( 13 Assassins, Ichi The Killer), this 2011 movie ended up in my hands due to my killing a few minutes flipping through some DVD's at the library while waiting on a student. I selected it after reading the back of the case and realizing that it was directed by the same guy who did 13 Assassins, which I thought was fabulous. I knew it would not disappoint.
    And it most certainly did not.
    The story begins with the arrival of a mysterious Ronin at the abode of a local Samurai Lord who is asking permission to commit Hara-Kiri in the Lord's courtyard.
    Apparently, a leaderless Samurai reduced to Ronin status could regain some amount of lost honor by committing ritual suicide in the house of a powerful lord. The more powerful the lord, the more honor regained.
    Often times, however, the destitute and broken former warrior would instead be given a few coins out of pity and sent upon his way.
    Unfortunately , in the setting for this movie, this whole process has morphed into a form of begging, much to the annoyance of the members of the elite class of samurai. 'Suicide Bluffs' as they are referred to have become far too commonplace and the leader of this particular clan has decided, upon the advice of his men, to make an example out of one of these beggars and call his bluff.
    The story that unfolds surrounding the stranger/Ronin is one that is heartwrenching and brilliantly filmed. The story is a " thrilling exploration of revenge, honor and individuality in the face of oppressive power." (The Phoenix)
    Along with 13 Assassins, Miike has almost single-handedly revived the Samurai film to its former glory.
    This Japanese film makes American offerings on the genre like The Last Samurai look incredibly poor.
    Brutal in its honesty with enough hard-core drama and emotion to keep you fully engaged until the climax, this is a movie well worth seeing.
    Don't miss it.

    5/5 Stars
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    Thanks. I will watch it as I do appreciate proper bushido.
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    The last samurai!? That is a starfruit mixed in with mangoes. It's more of the class: "white guy is the savior of the universe"

    I'll watch it. good review.
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    I remember seeing the original as a youngster, and being amazed.

    Not sure it needed any updating, but may have a look anyway. Thanks for the review.
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    ..Again thanks for the review. I'm partial to Koryu bujutsu and the trappings of samurai culture - oh and a good film. I'll go find it.

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