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Thread: Prosecutor Who Put ' Prince Of Pot ' Behind bars Now Wants Legal Dope !

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    You said Art Bell.

    Why did you mention Art Bell ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Danno
    i got nothing, you win again.
    Quote Originally Posted by resolve
    I trust God more than I trust you. And that will never change. I've always viewed you as kind of a snake. No biblical connotations need apply, just the regular ones. You're wise. You're really intelligent. But you're also conniving and have this way of getting what you want when you want it. The sickness I was talking about was your propensity to kind of reach in and grasp on to something to define someone here. You harangue them about it and manipulate it in to conversations. You do that with every single poster here. You do this until they see things your way. The "correct way". It's vile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cullion View Post
    You said Art Bell.

    Why did you mention Art Bell ?
    When our son was a colicky baby, the only thing which would lull him to sleep was driving at least 55 mph with the moonroof and windows cracked....just enuff.

    The movement of the car and "whoosing" sound of the air passing through the cracked windows must have sufficiently mimicked the in utero experience.

    While driving, Art Bell would pretty much be the only thing on the radio and I often heard his guest spin tales of not only shadow people and alien abductions, but aspartame brain lesions and Zionistic One World Orders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feryk
    What Snake Said
    Quote Originally Posted by Lily
    Snake is also correct about EVERYTHING.

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    Damn..... I used to listen to Art Bell (and his crazy guests) and get high while I delivered pizzas on the night shift. Good times. Good times.
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    "The greatest con that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you."

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