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Thread: What's in the fridge

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    Default What's in the fridge

    This thread is not about refined dinner party recipes or exquisite things you tried in a restaurant or foreign locale. This is about stuff you cooked up with whatever you could find in the kitchen because you didn't have time to go out shopping.

    Today I couldn't be bothered to go out shopping. I pulled the following out of the fridge and cupboards.

    Cheap diced pork shoulder (a 2 packet which feeds 4 people).

    Some spanish chorizo.

    A red pepper

    An onion

    Chicken stock cube

    Chili flakes

    Brown rice

    2 cartons of economy-brand chopped tomato & juice.

    Slowly fried the chorizo in olive oil until the oil turned orange. Threw pork in. Browned it. Threw sliced red pepper and onion in. Chilli flakes. 2 twists of black pepper. Stir. Pour over 2
    cartons of chopped tomato. Crumbled chicken stock cube. A cup of water. Left until pork is soft.

    Brown rice done in another pot. Pork, tomato & chili stew over brown rice.

    It worked. Total cost of meal probably under 2 per head.

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    I will toss whatever chicken parts I have (leg quarters or breasts usually) into a pot with a can of tomatoes (stewed or diced), a can of beans (chick peas typically), a diced onion, and garlic top it off which chicken stock.

    To that I season with turmeric, coriander, paprika, black pepper, salt, red pepper flakes, and upon serving I'll add tobasco.

    Serve that over cooked rice, barley, or couscous.

    I don't even bother thawing the chicken. Just simmer til it's probably done.

    With on-sale leg quarters, this would be less than a dollar per serving, I'm almost sure.

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