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Thread: the generic man S/S 10

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    Default the generic man S/S 10

    They have a lot of colorways this season, so I'm skipping a lot of stuff. See the whole thing at

    tgm's sneakers are straight balla status, every time. They've carved themselves this little niche where they offer pretty forward stuff with solid designs at an affordable price. You might see the mid-$200 pricetag and say "huh?" but to actually find another shoe featuring leather outers, leather lining and insole, first-world labor, etc. you're usually looking at $400 and beyond. The oxfords are cool too, but I don't think those are my style yet, and I find an oxford shoe in all-over perforated leather somewhat questionable.

    All of this is excepting that fucking boat shoe. That's a trend that peaked fast, and in a bad way.

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    The oxfords look like they were taken out from some pimp's wardrobe.

    The first sneakers look good and the blue/grayish ones great.

    Nautics are allways awful, doechebag sing where I live, only acceptable if you actually live near the sea, and even then, making them boot-like is like... no-no.

    The black boot sneakers look good enough, altrought not my style.

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