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Thread: Rate Kevin Smith's work

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    I actually enjoy the "Evening with Kevin Smith" stuff as much if not more that his films. He is one of the best story tellers around.

    I'd rate his movies in this order:
    Chasing Amy
    Zack and Miri
    Clerks !!
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    Mall Rats
    Jersey Girl

    The Clerks Animated stuff is great too. I remember ABC only aired 2 episodes before pulling the plug.

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    I really enjoyed both Clerks 1 and 2, but I'll admit Clerks 2 is an entirely different animal to its predecessor. One of the impressive things about Clerks 1 is how little budget went into making it, and what little budget that did go in was straight out of Kevin's pocket... And his credit card debt. There's a reason why it was in black and white... Two reasons, actually. 1. He couldn't afford colour and 2. To hide the fact that, the store? Was actually Kevin's old work, and they let him film at night for old time's sake.
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