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Thread: Bachelor Chef…Lets Cook Steaks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanhalen21
    Speaking of African food, I personally love Banku, which is a Ghanaian dish of a kind of corn dough served with a kind of soup / stew that usually has beef and / or fish. You take a pinch of the corn dough with your hand, dip it in the soup, and consume.

    No clue how easy it is to make, but one of you should figure out how and then cook it for me.
    Does this sound right?


    I guess you then par this with one of the soups available on the website.
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    Yeah, that does sound right. Fufu is basically the same thing but one tribe generally cooks banku and the other cooks fufu. Banku is made of corn while fufu is made of cassava, but they are eaten with pretty much the same kinds of stews. I like banku a little bit better.

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