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    The dick Cheney story. I'd gather most people here already know 90% of this, but it is an entertaining movie.

    one sequence shows him edging out Kissinger while working for Ford.

    Narrator: one of Cheney's greatest skills is to take the most extreme and absurd positions and make them sound reasonable.

    Cheney to Gerald Ford: "what I propose is we put small wigs on our cocks and go out to the rose garden and jerk each other off in front of the press; so this would be basically a puppet show, but far more entertaining."

    Kissenger: Sounds like a solid plan to me.

    There is also a sequence where Dick accepts that his time in politics is over, his daughter is too much of an issue to realistically get back into the big show, so he retires to raise golden retrievers and takes up triathlons, credits roll. screen goes dark, then you hear a phone ring, and Cheney is contacted by the office of the Governor of Texas.

    My main criticism of the movie is that it does drag in parts, over all it's entertaining, but every once in a while you start looking at your watch.

    solid B+ or A-, and there is an after credits scene mocking people who are reflexively opposed to the film.
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    Thanks for the review.
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