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Thread: And people wonder why tom cruise shouldn't be drug out in the street and shot....

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    Default And people wonder why tom cruise shouldn't be drug out in the street and shot....

    Tomkitten's" 'first poop' goes on display in New York Wed Aug 30, 5:24 PM ET

    NEW YORK (AFP) - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have yet to show their baby daughter off in public, but eager fans were given an unusual preview with the chance to see a bronze cast depicting her first solid stool.


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    The scatological sculpture -- more doodoo than Dada -- is purportedly cast from 19-week old Suri's first bowel movement and will be shown at the Capla Kesting gallery in Brooklyn, New York, before being auctioned off for charity.

    The artist behind the work, Daniel Edwards, previously courted controversy with a life-size nude sculpture of pop star Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug. That work was shown at the same gallery in April.

    "A bronzed cast of baby's first poop can be a meaningful memento for the family," gallery director David Kesting said, adding that he hoped the work would attract bids of up to 25 or 30,000 dollars.

    The sculpture, which sits on a wooden mounting with a glass casing, is to be sold on eBay next month with proceeds from the sale going to infant health charity March Of Dimes.

    As of Wednesday it had attracted a top bid of 41 dollars.

    "Mission: Impossible" star Cruise and Holmes announced Suri's birth in April. The entertainment press, which dubbed the pair "TomKat," has shown a seemingly insatiable appetite for news of the pair and their "TomKitten."

    A spokeman for the couple was not immediately available Wednesday to comment on the sculpture.

    The fucking stupidity.

    If I was a social worker I would have child services take the kid away because this ass has already shown his inability to care for a child- If there really is a child and this isn't just dog shit they picked up off the street.

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    Default Holy Fuck!

    Those idiots...! that's disghusting. Is that supposed to be humerous or something? Like a practical joke?:eusa_sick fucktards.....

    How fucking crazy does one have to be to BRONZE A TURD?????????

    Man they are both directly fucking out of their flake ass addled minds. ewwww

    I am repulsed. I guess I agree, But I don't want them shot.
    I would say I want to see those two get the shit beat out of them, but they would just have it bronzed!!


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    Magua would tear out his heart, and slaughter his woman and his offspring to ensure an end to his line.

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    It's silly, but really...who fuckin' cares?

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    That's utterly insane.

    On the other hand, I could make a killnig selling fake celebrity baby turds from melted down scraps of bronze, because people are obviously that stupid.

    Still, top bid of $41? Maybe there's hope and this thing won't get anything but joke bids from stoner's who can't afford to make it go much higher.

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    I'd do that if I were that famous. Hell, I'd put up my right foot on Ebay, and offer to use it to kick people in the balls with it, just so they could go around saying "OMIGOD, Shawarma kicked me in the balls for just 25 dollars! What a deal!"

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    Hollywood suicide at its finest.

    So, who are the people who wonder this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cy Q. Faunce View Post
    We all have our respective crosses to bear.... We all have flaws and virtues, and frequently our virtues are bound up with our flaws. And those characteristics are all magnified when one takes charge of a quarrelsome Internet forum.
    for example....
    Quote Originally Posted by Yiktin Voxbane View Post
    It's the rough end of the pineapple for you Mon ami .

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    I call BS. BS, because baby poop is like goo, not solid.

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    Yes, why shouldn't he?

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    Dagon Akujin
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    How is it nobody posted pictures of this thing yet? Here is "Suri" (means trash or something). I think she looks like Katie was impregnated by an Asian guy.

    Holmes counters, "I think she has Tom's eyes. I think she looks like Tom."


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