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Thread: Movie: Lucky number Slevin

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    Default Movie: Lucky number Slevin

    Well, I thought I might contribute a little bit since there does not seem to be all that much activity, so I'll review the movie "Lucky number Slevin". Sorry if my review sucks, I'm just trying to get this forum rolling.

    *Slight spoilers, plo summary*

    LnS is a modern gangster movie, telling the tale of a man named Slevin Kelevra (played by Josh Hartnett.) Slevin winds up in a world of crap upon visiting a friend in NYC, since the friend has gone missing, and did so at a time where he was in big trouble with 2 rival mafia leaders.

    Slevin is mistaken by both parties to be his missing friend, Nick Fisher and is thus rapidly presented with a conondrum: The mafia leader known as the boss (played by Morgan Freeman) wants Slevin to assasinate the son of rival mafia leader "The Rabbi" (played by Ben Kingsley) to repay a substancial debt. On the other hand, The Rabbi wants Slevin to assasinate The Boss to repay another subtancial debt.

    At the same time, Slevin is misteriously observed by a proffesional hitman known as Goodcat (played by Bruce Willis.) and amourously apprroached by Nick Fishers neighbor, Lindsey (played by Lucy Liu).

    Slevin shows a remarcable emotional detachment to the affair, playing it cooly, despite his own admittance of being "fucked". He blames this on a medical condition known as ataraxia.

    So it comes to be that Slevin, while dating Lindsey and being followed by cops suspecting him of being a hitman, must find a way out of the impossible situation he's in. But as the plot advances, things get really confused, and who's who and who's doing what when becomes more than jumbled in this case of mistaken idendity.

    *End of slight spoilers*

    Now, I liked this film. There were good actors, and I was personally positively surprised by Josh Hartnett's performance. The plot itself was in my opinion well written, and all loose ends come together rather diabolically in the end.
    The tempo of the movie flows rather nicely, apart from obvious confusion regarding the plot until the finale, there are no annoying slow moments or unwarranted scenes. Dialog and overall acting is rather excellent in my opinion, with both witty retorts and plotmoving lines delivered talentfully.
    Camera angles and overall vision of the film was nice, but not overtly spectacular.
    One thing about the movie however is it's rather high levels of violence. The rather humurous summary and pre-impression of the film one might get from the different promoting materials do not reflect the levels of violence shown is this movie. I for example, was expecting a comedy when I walked in. Granted I might have been misinformed, but that's what I'm trying to prevent now. It's not a kid's movie. While the violence featured in this movie is not particularily gory, it is sudden and unexpected in most scenes. Bam, and somebody is really dead, with lot's of blood. So don't bring the small ones.

    Overall, I found Lucky number Slevin to be a very enjoyable movie with godd acting and excellent plot. I recommend it to everybody, provided everybody's old enough to handle a little blood and death.

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    Agreed , good movie with good acting :)
    It's best enjoyed when you're clear , when drunk you could think it sucks ;)
    Adrenalin is what makes life worth living ;)

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    Some good stuff (loved the Rabbi, Lucy in schoolgirl skirt),but it was so obviously churned thru the hollywod hit machine that it was robbed of its 'art'.

    Watchable, but still a pale rip-off of early Tarentino.

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