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Thread: Novel: Hunters of Dune

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    Default Novel: Hunters of Dune

    This review contains NO spoilers.

    Hunters of Dune, the first part of the fabled 'Dune 7' project, the first penultimate piece that is supposed to complete the greatest puzzle ever created in Science Fiction. Hunters is the first of two parts that form 'Dune 7', that will be concluded next year with the release of Sandworms of Dune. It is written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson, continuing the saga by Frank Herbert.

    This review is written for the UK release, the only difference between it and the US version being the cover artwork. Its RRP is 12.99, which works out to about $18-$20 roughly.

    The cover artwork on the UK version is supposed (according to one of the Dune 7 Blogs from the Dune Novels website) to represent a scene from the novel; having read the novel I cannot place the image anywhere, but it matters not, it is a nice piece of art that serves fine as the cover to a Sci-Fi novel. What doesn't work for the exterior of the book is the pain-inducing tango orange text, it looks like it's been printed in fluorescent highlighter ink.

    Put simply, this is not a continuation of the original Dune saga. Readers who have only read Frank's books will be lost here, in order to follow everything you must have read the Legends of Dune series by BH and KJA. It is not a continuation in terms of substance or style either; those looking for Frank's depth of character subjectivity or discourse on the nature of sociopolitical systems and trends will only find linear exposition, clumsy temporal ellipsis and a level of language and themes in keeping with a piece of teenage pulp fiction.

    I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to anyone. I can only envision two groups of readers for this novel, those who enjoy BH and KJA's other Dune novels and those die hard Dune fans whose curiosity to see what has happened the series they have loved. To the first group I can only tell them to enjoy it, as it will be everything they expect. To the second I can only use analogy; reading this book is liked being called down to the hospital in the middle of the night to positively identify the body of a friend, something you know you must do but that will damage you for the rest of your life.

    Let us not misunderstand, I have read every fictional Dune book, including The Dune Encyclopedia (I say fictional because I have yet to get hold of the Frank Herbert biography Dreamer of Dune). I have found all the BH and KJA books to be disappointing, but I bore this disappointment gladly hoping that by the time they turned their attention to Dune 7 their writing and ability would be up to the challenge. It isn't. The original Dune saga was like heroin to me, I wanted more and more and would do anything to get more, due to Frank's death I was forced to go onto the cheap methadone that was the Preludes and the Legends trilogies, only to be promised a complete removal of my withdrawal symptoms with the return of my beloved bliss in Hunters of Dune.

    Instead they have giving me a prescription for asprin, and it's not even sugar-coated........
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    The best part of Dune was when Sandy and Spongebob were hunting the Alaskan Bull Worm. Sandy picks something up, says "Worm sign!" and there's a miniature sign that says "worm" or something on it.

    Seriously. I only read the first book. It was a struggle. It was good until they got hopelessly lost in the desert. Then the final battle was dissapointing, as they decided to just surrender. WTF?

    Then somewhere in the middle they go off on the economy of the planet. WTF. That's like LotR when they start talking about elves for no reason. Except that elves have magic.

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