Stole from Safe House

End result is a shield.

Loyalist Shield of Honor
Printable Version [ Added: 09/30/2002 ]
Type: Slots Armor: Back, Secondary
Armor Class 50
Skill Mod None
Boosts STR: +15 WIS: +15 HP: +75
Effect None
Weight & Size WT: 4.0 Size: MEDIUM
Race ALL
Obtained From Quest (L55)

You say, 'Hail, Phenic Dionicas'
Phenic Dionicas says 'Greetings adventurer. I am Phenic Dionicas, Magistrate of the Loyalist Combine Empire. I hope the [vampyres] did not cause you troubles on your journey here.

You say, 'what vampyres'
Phenic Dionicas says 'Aye, the vampyres of the Coterie of the Eternal Night. I was among the first to ever [discover] the vampyre threat when I was just a young boy freshly initiated into the [Validus Custodus].

You say, 'how did you discover'
Phenic Dionicas says 'I was on a routine trade route patrol through the tenebrous mountains and the grimling forest when we were attacked by a pack of the vile undead. The creatures that attacked us wore the garments of Shadow Haven merchants and nearly my entire patrol was slain by their claws and fangs. Only [Heratius Grolden] and myself made it back to the safety of Katta Castellum alive and shortly after I was the only survivor of the attack.

You say, 'who is Heratius Grolden?'
Phenic Dionicas says 'Heratius Grolden was a boyhood friend of mine and a brave legionnaire in the Validus Custodus. He was buried with honor in the graveyard of Katta Castellum. Several nights after his burial Heratius' grave had been dug up and his body was missing. I suspect and fear that the Coterie of the Eternal Night returned for him to make him one of their own. I pray to whatever gods are listening that some day we are able to [track down the defilers]!

You say, 'I will track down the defilers'
Phenic Dionicas says 'It has been several decades since the first group of vampyres that are responsible for the death of Heratius Grolden were encountered. I have been watching for signs of their origins since that time to little avail. What we do know is that they wore the apparel of merchants from Shadow Haven. How and why they were turned into the bloodsucking creatures they became is still a mystery and shrouded in many rumors. Take this official request form to the merchant records keeper in Shadow Haven and he may be able to provide you with records of any merchant caravans that departed for Katta Castellum within a reasonable time before the attacks and never returned.

Head to Shadow Haven and give the request form to Record Keeper Ajar:

Record Keeper Ajar says 'So you were sent by the Magistrates of Katta Castellum I see. It isn't very often we get requests for records as old as these.' Ajar shuffles through several books on a cluttered shelf and a few minutes later procures the records and begins writing down the requested information. 'Here are the names that have been requested by Magistrate Dionicas. You can assure him when you deliver this record that it is quite accurate.

He then gives you old merchant records for you to take back to Phenic:

Phenic Dionicas says 'Most interesting. One of the names on this list I recognize. The alchemist [Valdanov Zevfeer]. Nathyn Illuminious would know more of Valdanov. Present this badge to Nathyn so that he knows you have been sent by the Magistrates to inquire about this issue and question him about the alchemist.
Your faction standing with Concilium Universus got better.
Your faction standing with Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Heart of Seru got worse.
You gain party experience!!

You say, 'who is Valdanov Zevfeer'
Phenic Dionicas says 'Valdanov Zevfeer was a traveling alchemist and magical reagent peddler that used to occasionally visit Katta Castellum. At one point before the initial vampyre attacks he decided to remain in Katta Castellum for a while with the wealthy Katta citizen Nathyn Illuminious. Apparently that decision saved his life as according to the records you have provided the caravan he arrived with never completed the return trip to Shadow Haven. That is as much as I know about the individual as he primarily kept to himself during his stay here.

Take the badge he gives you to Nathyn Illuminious. If you cast identify on the badge it should identify as "First badge of Service". When you hand it to Nathyn he should respawn as a friendlier version of himself:

Nathyn Illuminious says 'Phenic has given you permission to investigate a matter on his behalf? Hmph! Well, I suppose I will respect the powers of his station and answer your inquiries to the best of my knowledge.
You gain party experience!!

You say, 'who is Valdanov Zevfeer?'
Nathyn IIIuminious says 'Valdanov Zevfeer was a talented alchemist from Shadow Haven with whom I had many dealings. He would bring me components for my enchantment research from all the various environments here on Luclin. Since Valdanov had been such a valuable aid to me in the past I decided to return the favor and allowed him residence within my abode and helped to further fund his research as long as he assisted me in my own enchantment studies. He has since left to continue to pursue his own interests and I have not heard from him in [quite some time].

You say, 'how long is quite some time?'
Nathyn IIIuminious says 'Valdanov departed many years ago. He had become dangerously obsessive with his research of vampyre physiology and the effects of various alchemical formulae on the undead creatures. His obsession began when a traveler arrived in Katta Castellum speaking of a Vah Shir vampyre. Valdanov began leaving the safety of the city frequently in search of this undead Vah Shir and for questionable alchemical reagents with which he insisted on testing on [captured vampyres] being studied by the Magus Conlegium.

You say, 'what captured vampyres?'
(Note: Nathyn seems to be bugged and some of the time he will just despawn at this point without giving you anything, unfortunately if this happens you need to start over. This has only happend to me about 2/6. My friend is 0/4 though so your mileage may vary.)
Nathyn IIIuminious says 'After an unfortunate mishap with an escaped vampyre in the city the Magus Conlegium and the Validus Custodus declared that no vampyres shall ever again enter the city of Katta Castellum and only their ashes or blood may be studied under the careful observation of the Magus Conlegium. I am very sorry but I have some pressing business I must attend to and I'm afraid I have nothing more to offer. You may take this information back to Magistrate Phenic as he has requested.

At this point a note will appear on your cursor to take back to Phenic, you should also have the badge in your inventory still. When identifed the badge will now be Second badge of service. Take the note back to Phenic and get this:

Phenic Dionicas says 'So Valdanov had an interest in a Vah Shir vampyre?!! Perhaps we should seek out this Vah Shir and find more clues. Take these orders to Legionnaire Falion during his next shift at the Tenebrous Mountains Gate, he will question any travelers that pass by about this mysterious Vah Shir. Should you locate the Vah Shir Vampyre attempt to present him with your Badge of Service for questioning, he just may agree to cooperate rather than anger the Validus Custodus.

Phenic gives you some orders to take to Falion in Tenebrous Mountains. You can find him on the left as your walking out from Katta. He isn't always up, so you may have to wait a bit for the current guard to despawn and him to spawn. I'm not sure how often this happens:

Legionnaire Falion says 'A Vah Shir vampyre!! Isn't that disturbing! How are you supposed to spot its pale skin under all that fur! Come to think of it I've heard that a strange Vah Shir has occasionally been spotted heading towards the villages of the Coterie of the Eternal Night here in the Tenebrous Mountains. This may be the Vah Shir you are seeking. I will be sure to question any arriving travelers if they have spotted him.

This will trigger Kerzar Clawtore to spawn 30 minutes after you hand in the orders. He spawns near the vampyre tower, tracking is handy to find him. He will be indifferent at first, hand him your badge and he will agro on you:

You say, 'Hail, Kerzar Clawtore'
Kerzar Clawtore glares with eyes that seem to pierce through you like fiery daggers. 'Run while you can weakling! My appetite grows stronger with the presence of your mortal scent!'
Kerzar Clawtore says 'You've been sent by the Validus Custodus to question me!! You mortals are more foolish than I had presumed! The only information I have for you is the fact that you are about to face your death!!
You gain party experience!!
Kerzar Clawtore roars flashing glistening fangs that are sharper and longer than the average Vah Shirs!
Kerzar Clawtore says 'Rangers like you are an affront to my senses!'

He is pretty tough and magic resistant so be careful. After you kill him he should respawn invis in the same spot. Hail him and follow ask him about Valdanov and follow his keywords, after you say the last one a key should appear on your cursor and 4 coterie generals will spawn. You can just run away from them:

You say, 'Hail, Kerzar Clawtore'
Kerzar Clawtore says 'What knowledge do I have that the Validus Custodus is so eager to obtain? If you spare me I assure you I will answer truthfully.
You say, 'who is Valdanof Zevfeer'
Kerzar Clawtore says 'I have not seen Valdanov Zevfeer in many years. He came to me once when I was still newly reborn wanting to extract a vial of my blood. When I refused he attacked me and extracted it against my will. I was still new and unfamiliar with my vampyric powers, Valdanovs [abilities] were far more developed than my own.
You say, 'what abilities'
Kerzar Clawtore says 'His vampyric abilities of course. Valdanov had either been reborn in undeath far before myself or had a powerful mentor and the time and facilities in which to train. I did my best to resist his attack but I was still subdued by his superior skills and strength. He dropped this key in the struggle. I have no use for it, consider it yours. I must be going before I'm seen by the others. Oh no! It's too late! We've been spotted! May you continue your investigations in the afterlife!
Kerzar Clawtore rapidly transforms into swirling mist indistinguishable from the wind swept mountain fog as other forms begin to solidify from the fog nearby.
You gain party experience!!

Inside Nathyn's mansion there is a secret room to the right after you go in the first door. Inside that room is a locked chest and 2 guards. The locked chest is actually a mob you can trade with, give him the key to spawn an imprisoned shade. The shade is a cakewalk compared to Kerzar, but the guards in the room will agro on you. When I did mine, the chest wasn't in the secret room but was in the room near the front door and only one of the Sentinels agroed on me, I'm not sure if level had anything to do with it, I'm 56. Do not attack the sentinel as the other guards will help. The shaman I was with tried to slow her to reduce the dmg I was taking and everything jumped him:

Private Sentinel Tozza says 'Fool!! You know not what you have released upon us!! Nathyn will have your heads for this!!
You say, 'Hail, an imprisoned shade'
an imprisoned shade has been slain by Lhani!
Your faction standing with Order of Autarkic Umbrage got worse.
Your faction standing with Coterie of the Eternal Night got worse.
Your faction standing with Valdanov Zevfeer got worse.
Your faction standing with Akheva got better.
Your faction standing with Shak Dratha got better.
You gain party experience!!
--You have looted a a worn research book.--
--You have looted a Autarkic Shade Lord Belt.--

Give the book to Phenic and he will tell you what to do next:

Phenic Dionicas listens to your account of the events that have occurred since last you spoke and reads through the journal. 'This investigation is getting more and more baffling the further we delve. Among other things, I am wondering if the shade that was imprisoned in the chest is the same that was providing Valdanov with the blood for his research. Take the belt that the shade was wearing with these instructions to Governor Lathin at the Magus Conlegium. In the meantime I will pay a visit to Nathyn Illuminious.

He gives you a note, take that and the belt to Lathin. He is in the very top of the caster building. You need to click on the banner in the back to go up, click on it twice to take you to the top. Then Lathin should be to your right:

Lathin Firetree says 'Phenic wishes me to summon the Shade that is the owner of this belt for questioning. That is quite a dangerous request but it is not uncommon of Phenic to be a risk taker when it comes to his plots against the Coterie of the Eternal Night. Take this sketch and find a skilled potter to craft you a likeness of a shade from a large block of clay as a focus item for the ritual. When you have the unfired figurine fire it in a kiln with this special glaze on a High Quality Firing Sheet and return to me.

From the caster building, if your heading towards Phenic, the building you pass there sells clay and there is also a pottery wheel in there. Along with the clay and sketch you will also need to use a flask of water for each attempt. Don't worry about failing, you get the sketch back if you do. It's a good way to raise your pottery skill actually. There is also a kiln beside the wheel to fire the totem. You will get a summoning totem. Take that back to Lathin and hand it to him.

Theurgus Ajeea Polaja says 'Perfect. We shall begin the summoning and questioning. This enchanted scroll will magically scribe all that transpires within its radius of perception. Take it to Magistrate Phenic after the summoning and questioning are completed.

Theurgus Ajeea Polaja begins chanting in an arcane language.

Praecantor Selis Dawneyes begins chanting in an arcane language.

Incantator Jak Masric begins chanting in an arcane language.

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'Meddling fleshlings! Why have you pulled back to this forsaken castellum? Do you fear that I will seek vengeance on Nathyn Illuminious and the city that shelters him for my years of captivity here? Or do you seek something more dangerous, knowledge of the dark path of shadows?

Incantator Jak Masric says 'We neither fear you nor seek to be drawn into your dark ways, Lord Sfarosh. You will provide us some information as demanded by the Magistrates of the Loyalist Empire. The questions are simple, answer quickly and the sooner you shall be freed from this summoning. What is your history with the alchemist Valdanov Zevfeer?

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'A simple question indeed. I simply supplied him with Akhevan blood for his experimentation, that is all. The Order of Autarkic Umbrage is no friend of the Akheva and it was possible that his research could uncover some useful information for my order. Valdanovs own motivation for his experimentation was none of my concern, but the outcome is quite fascinating I must admit.

Praecantor Selis Dawneyes says 'So it seems you are aware of the outcome of his hidden experimentation. Care to enlighten us as to what that outcome was?

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'I am amazed at how little you fleshlings know of what occurs within the very walls of your own castellum. It is known by my Order that Akhevan blood has strange mutagenic effects on the bodies of non-akheves if introduced to their circulatory systems. The process by which the Shadow Tegi are infused with the blood is quite complicated and painful but I would deduce that a vampyre like Valdanov merely had to ingest the blood for the mutagenic agents to effect his physiology, causing the permenent change into what I believe you call a Vampyre Volatilis. I have no dealings with Valdanov since his mutation as I was imprisoned in Nathyns mansion until freed by these foolish fleshings.

Theurgus Ajeea Polaja says 'How was it that you came to be imprisoned in the mansion of Nathyn Illuminious?

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'I was paying a visit to Valdanov with more Akhevan blood, not knowing he had already been banished by Nathyn from Katta Castellum for becoming the monster that he became. I must admit, Nathyn is a powerful and cunning creature. He was prepared for my arrival, captured me with his sorceries, and imprisoned me in that enchanted chest. I was not offered an explanation, nor do I know how he discovered my dealings with Valdanov, I assume he obtained that knowledge from questioning Valdanov about his mutation.

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'It seems some allies are arriving! Foolish
fleshlings, run while you have the chance!

Praecantor Selis Dawneyes says 'Ajeea! What's happened?! I sense there
are dark powers at work here!

Incantator Jak Masric says 'The circle of containment is breaking down
without Ajeea! Prepare yourselves!

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'Your feeble fleshling magic has failed you! Your souls shall be slaves of the Order of Autarkic Umbrage!

Praecantor Selis Dawneyes rushes to Ajeea, lifts her comotose body with a magical force and they both vanish is a flash of light.

Incantator Jak Masric says 'Eliminate the shades! Selis and I will get Ajeea to safety and concentrate on a ward to prevent any further intrusion and stifle the shades power! Seek me out and bring me the robes of these shades when they have been slain so that we may research placing a more permanent ward against such creatures on the Conlegium.

Autarkic Lord Sfarosh says 'Attempt to slay me if you so desire, and
if you succeed it matters not. I will return as I am a creature of shadows and shadows never die, merely slumber!


Hand the robes back to Jak
Incantator Jak Masric says 'Hopefully these robes still contain enough of a magical imprint from the shades to be useful in successfully warding the Magus Conlegium from their kind. Thank you for you assistance. Keep this token as a symbol of your allegiance to the Magus Conlegium.
Your faction standing with Magus Conlegium got better.
Your faction standing with Katta Castellum Citizens got better.
Your faction standing with Validus Custodus got better.
Your faction standing with Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Hand of Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Eye of Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Hand Legionnaries got worse.
You gain party experience!!


Hand the enchanted scroll to Phenic
Phenic Dionicas says 'There is much that is disturbing about these revelations. I will make sure the Validus Custodus is alert than they already are to the presence of powerful vampyre among our citizens. If you can find this Valdanov Zevfeer slay him and bring me his ashes your Katta Castellum Badge of Service, and your Magus Conlegium Token I will bestow upon you an honorable reward.
Your faction standing with Concilium Universus got better.
Your faction standing with Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Heart of Seru got worse.
You gain party experience!!

Then kill Heratus and Valdanov Zefeer spawns on the balcony of the main tower in TM get his ashes hand everything in and Get your shield.