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Thread: McFeely's Firsts

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    McFeely's Firsts


    This is my first time in Befallen.

    It was fun. I saw skeletons, zombies, and ghouls. This zombie came to say hello.

    No, that's not what you think it is, running down my leg ... I spilled my beer! :o

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    <u>West Commonlands</u>

    This is my first time in the West Commonlands.

    I must have had too much to drink that day, because I had a really, really bad headache the next day.

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    <u>First Druid I Ever Met</u>

    This is a picture of the very first druid I ever met.

    The damn bitch was so excited, that they spilled my beer ... arrgh!

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    This is a picture of my first time in Cazic-Thule.

    The travel agent said it was the lastest hot-spot. "Everyone goes there. There's lots of people to do ... lots of things to meet."

    I hate that travel agent. I didn't even get a chance to pour myself a drink. :(

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    <u>The Maiden's Fancy</u>

    This is my first trip to The Maiden's Fancy.

    Come to think of it, it looks pretty much the same as my last trip to The Maiden's Fancy.

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    <u>My First Beer</u>

    This is a baby picture of me with my very first beer.

    We had a pet wolf at the time, named Valuk Welby-Jacob-Sharaty-Childenshire. (He was a purebred.) I'm sharing my beer with him here, because I was such a nice baby.

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    <u>Perrir Zexus Medical Academy</u>

    This is a picture of me when I was a first year student at the prestigious Perrir Zexus Medical Academy.

    Perrir Zexus himself came over to personally inspect the wonderful job I did dissecting a fire beetle.

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    <u>The Overthere</u>

    A paparazzo captured this rare footage, of my first time in The Overthere, on film.

    As you can plainly see, I didn't have any beer on me. You caught me :( (Damn paparazzo. )

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    Yessss... Now if you would just sit down over here and take this. Fill out your insurance infomation correctly please we need more funds for our... herbal garden.

    :: reache in shirt pocket and begins eating a brownie ::

    We are still moving the desks in, so you may have to wait a bit good sir, please be patient. I also haven't had my breakfast.
    It's complicated,
    this time I think it could be,

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    ah shadap.

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