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Thread: You say Bush is Dumb?

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    China as I said qualifies as evil when conveneint. So do several middle easter and African countries. Thats a large chunk of the world. No, we wont be rolling into switzerland tomorrow, but surely you can see the possibilities.

    "Can't who see from what is coming out of Irag? Are you saying you believe that all the information from western media is as full of lies as the arab media?"

    The reporters are "embedded". This doesnt strike you as strange? What is coming from Iraq? If Saddam uses chemical weapons, then at the very least we can say he had them. If he doesnt... Does te term "throwaway gun" mean anything to you?

    Justme, read The Prince. Not because of the wisdom it provides, but because it goes over several events that the public had no clue about. They were lied to and had no idea. In one example a butcher was place in power to subdue the people. Then the very people who gave him his power left him chopped in half to appease the people. Thats politics. Its been going on and it will still go on. How often do you look back at history and say "damn, they shouldve seen that coming". Take notes.

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    Could we lay off the politics. Its probably the only few sane areas over the internet that isnt talking about politics.

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