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Thread: Israeli miltary destroys more than 200 homes in Gaza

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    Default Israeli miltary destroys more than 200 homes in Gaza

    The United Nations aid officials have stated that Israels latest incursion into Gaza has laft more than 200 people homeless after an Israeli missle left a 55 year old Palestinain civillian dead.

    Shortly after midnight Israeli troops, tanks and bulldozers moved into Khan Yunis and began tearing down buildings.

    The UN agency which cares for Palestinian refugees, Unrwa, said 60 families - around 230 people in total - had lost their houses or shelters.

    One man said he ran with his children as the bulldozers closed in and gunfire sounded in the darkness.

    "We were forced to leave the house under intensive shooting from the sky and from tanks," father of four Fathi Zaroub told the Associated Press.

    "We took nothing from our belongings. We ran away in our pyjamas and we have no other refuge."
    Israel is denying the UN's figures for the destruction, saying that the military only destroyed "uninhabited structures used by Palestinian militants for shelling the settlement of Neve Dekalim."

    The press would like to verify this for themselves of course but thats impossible since the Israeli military have shut the checkpoint on the road to Khan Yunis.

    In Gaza there are over a million Palestinians and just over 8,000 settlers.

    The 8,000 settlers take up 1/3 of the land there.

    Israel's Prime Minister is locked in a FURIOUS battle with his own cabinet and has even accused them of trying to incite "civil war".

    Many people see this latest incursion as a response to the three Israeli soldiers that were killed on Thirsday in Morag.

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    i have long ago stopped taking a position on this. Both sides are in the wrong.

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    Those homes needed a remodel anyhow. They were just tract homes.

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    how does one solve the israeli - palestine problem?

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    another hamas leader killed today by israeli carbomb

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    only 200? that leaves over 999,800 to go!

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    Originally posted by LOVED2BLOVED
    how does one solve the israeli - palestine problem?
    You could start by forcing Syria to let the Palestinians displaced by the war in Lebanon go home, but then, who would try to force an Arab country to do something right by other Arabs. Why that would be preposterous. I mean, the Un has only been telling Syria to do that since what? 1981-ish?
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    well its a start...

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    even aid workers are not safe:

    Two American Christian volunteers say they were beaten and robbed by masked Jewish settlers while escorting a group of Palestinian children to school.
    Kim Lamberty and Chris Brown say they were kicked, beaten with a chain and had their possessions stolen close to the Maon settlement, near Hebron.

    A settler spokesman said he had no knowledge of the incident and opposed any violation of the law.

    Israeli police said they were investigating the assault.

    Ms Lamberty suffered a broken arm and Mr Brown a punctured lung in the attack.

    Both have filed a complaint with Israeli police.


    The two are members of Christian Peacemaker Teams - a group that monitors conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in the Hebron area.

    Whilst recovering in an Israeli hospital in Beersheba, Chris Brown told BBC News Online it had been "was an ambush - a premeditated attack".

    "They threw a stone at my head which knocked me over and then whipped me with chains," Mr Brown said.

    He said that Ms Lamberty had her passport, mobile phone and money stolen by the settlers.

    He also said that harassment of Christian volunteers working with Palestinians in the area is common.

    "They normally throw stones at us or fire their guns over our heads - but this is the most vicious assault so far."

    Palestinians also complain of violent intimidation by Jewish settlers in the Hebron area.

    Around 1,200 soldiers guard some 600 Jewish settlers living in an enclave in the heart of Hebron, home to 120,000 Palestinians - an area that has seen some of the fiercest fighting of the four-year-old Palestinian intifada or uprising.

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