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24th February 04, 08:27 AM
I was reading that the traditional way you learn to do this block is incorrect and can actually result in a broken arm. That is by using the one bone instead of both bones together like in a hinge block, you run the chance of breaking the bone with a strong attack.... For upward attacks use the wrist or pass the attack with the hands.... What do you think?

24th February 04, 08:31 AM
Upper block = punch to face

Never trusted it, seemed a stupid block to do, especially they way SOME instructors teach it.
IF you keep the elbow down and lower your head, it can be good against a hook, or it can be a good forearm smash to under the chin ( jujutsu). But as it is taught for blocking a punch... nope.

24th February 04, 08:34 AM
As usual good input thanks Ronin....

Say again... How would you counter an attack to the top of the head? For example, the old club or say a hammer fist strike coming straight down? wouldn't you step in 45 degrees as you pass or guide the attack with the palm of your hand?

24th February 04, 08:43 AM
Move out of the way or move in crush the opponents body with lighting fast strikes along the chi meridians, causing him to lose bowel control, followed up by a hip throw into a stream of floating lava, finishing with a flying elbow to the arm pit.

24th February 04, 08:46 AM
the only problem with that Ronin69 is the finish with the eblow to the arm pit. The brachial plexus would be struck with this blow resulting in instant death - you would therefore go to jail.

24th February 04, 08:49 AM
JAIL ??!?!?!?
HAHAHAHAHHAH, I scoff at jail !!!!!!
I fling my nose at prison !!!
I fart in its general direction !!!!
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24th February 04, 08:51 AM
'They'll never take me alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

aliveness has been discussed elsewhere - pay attention man!!

24th February 04, 09:00 AM
Hmm, good point.
On a serious note:
The "notion" of the block(s) being used to cause damage to the attacking limb is one I have discussed with various "old school" instructors, and they are all in agreement that, to evade is ideal (especially coupled with an anticipitory attack), then it would be to parry and finally to block.
As for a "smashing" block, most agree that it would be best to do that as an "attack" rather than a "defensice" block.
A downward forearm smash to a knife wielding wrist/forearm, or an "upper forearm smash" to under the chin while moving in for a throw or "close range strike".

24th February 04, 09:35 AM
I do not mlikle that motion as a block, I use it as a forearm to the chin / head area slipping the attack with a parry.