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20th February 04, 04:40 PM
Just for grins, since this is the area for political discussions here at Bullshido, I would be interested in everyones thoughts on this idea. Rather than having another boring debate during the presidential elections, instead have a McThrowdown btw George Bush and John Kerry. So what rules would you recommend if any, how would you train them for the match and who do you think would win. Do you think it would end with a knockout, submission or someone throwing in the towel. Would one of them fail to show etc?

20th February 04, 04:47 PM
George would win by KO. He actually works out and keeps in shape, and I doubt he knows how to do a damn thing but swing punches.

Kerry is a vet (a real one anyway) but is probably out of shape. *shrug*

20th February 04, 04:57 PM
Dubya would get lost on the way to the fight, and end up stranded somewhere off the Freeway after leaving the engine running to keep him warm, while he had his usual 9am - 5pm nap.

20th February 04, 05:07 PM
I think one of the things that would happen as soon as it was announced is that Al Gore would call a meeting with press to describe how he was the inventor of the "McThrowdown".

If I were training George Bush I would first have to give him boxing gloves with left and right written in big letters on them so he could begin to learn some boxing combo's'

With John Kerry my first challenge would be for him to forget all his focus on "chi" techniques and get into some real training.

20th February 04, 05:32 PM
kerry mistakes bush's incoherent babbling for vietnamese which triggers a violent flashback,

bush realizing the monster he has unleashed, offers kerry some coke which he has "stashed"

they become fast friends

the end

21st February 04, 03:01 AM
Bush would kill he...he works out pretty hard core.

21st February 04, 03:49 AM
Bush would have Matt Furey on his side because Matt trained him to fight Saddam Hussein NHB, which means that unless John Kerry gets Bas Rutten or someone, he's scr00d.

Samuel Browning
22nd February 04, 02:45 AM
I think that bush is in far better shape and would win a punch out. If I was kerry I would demand the use of M16s or some firearm that he had previously used in combat.