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27th January 04, 07:48 AM
Okay so it's done. I have accepted an offer from a contracting firm for an outrageous amount of money to go do my job in Iraq. This process of getting an interim secret clearance will probably take a few weeks, and then I will be gone. I have no idea if I will be able to post to Bullshido for awhile after this or what exactly will happen. Of course I am scared to be walking into a war zone, but I also need to get the hell out of Hamburg and get my shit together again.

Any thoughts?

WingChun Lawyer
27th January 04, 07:50 AM
1) Grow a beard.

2) Get a tan.

3) Try to keep us informed about things over there.

27th January 04, 07:52 AM
Great luck to you sir. A couple of weeks for the interim clearence, wow. Things are different in times of great need it seems. 15-18 months for certain kinds used to be the norm, but it was a long time ago. Hope to stay in contact. Be safe.

27th January 04, 08:15 AM
Stay safe, and make lots of money!

27th January 04, 08:39 AM
Watch your 6, ok buddy ?

27th January 04, 09:44 AM
I think a tan is the least of his worries.

Good luck.

WingChun Lawyer
27th January 04, 09:47 AM
Originally posted by Shadowofravenwolf
I think a tan is the least of his worries.

You´re right, of course.

But he should beware the donkeys. Even the donkeys pack heat in Iraq nowadays.

27th January 04, 09:48 AM
Doesn't everything pack heat in Iraq?

27th January 04, 09:50 AM
Good luck.

Don't blow up or anything.

The Wastrel
27th January 04, 10:20 AM
If an American soldier asks you for ID, tell him it's in his "fourth point of contact".

27th January 04, 10:36 AM
Thanks everyone!

Wastel : I don't tell anything to someone with a gun unless I know what it is :)

Beatdown Richie
27th January 04, 10:54 AM
> Any thoughts?
Stay away from those car bombs, I hear they're bad for your health. And don't accept helicopter rides from people you don't know.

Seriously, best of luck. It will take a lot of hard work from a lot of courageous people if something good is to come out of this whole Iraq thing. You can be proud to be part of that.

Halt die Ohren steif!

27th January 04, 02:34 PM
Wear your kevlar, stay safe, and enjoy the ride, it'll be something to tell the proverbial grandkids about.

27th January 04, 02:57 PM
You're out of your fukking mind.

Wan't to take a guess why that company is offering you a shiitload of money to go to a "safezone" in Iraq to work? Becaus theres a pretty good chance that you'll get blown to "smithereens" not long after you're there. You may even be a TEST to see just how long it takes for the Iraqi's to start going Mafioso on the first western businessmen that land in Bagdhad. And you're going to be cream of the crop!

And then AFTER Mr. Bushwack tells the soldiers they can come home in June! I wonder how long it will take after the U.S. runs its azz off in June, for those "insurgents" to pop back up again and targeting people like YOU that are crazy enough to take a paycheck in a warzone.

And everybody here is like "Yeah, good luck!" and inside they think you've got a few screws loose. Dont take the friggin' money man. Its not worth it.

Beneath Contempt
27th January 04, 03:26 PM
I've got an old army buddy that has just got back. He was also in Gulf War 1 (I was too young for that one) He told me this last night:

"It wasn't as much of a laugh as last time. But I expect that's because of the blokes you're out there with. The Americans wouldn't give us as much gear this time round."

Have you got a choice where you go? If so, I'm told that we have the South pretty secure.

27th January 04, 05:31 PM
I have talked with people who have done the same deal, and have a pretty good idea of what I am getting into. I won't be going as a business man, but a civilian working with the military. Thanks for the advice everyone.

27th January 04, 07:25 PM
Wear a Canadian flag.....

And talk about hockey a lot...

Samuel Browning
27th January 04, 09:51 PM
If they are not buying you the top of the line body armor, the $1,500 vest used by our troops, you should obtain it. Especially for when you are traveling around in the car.

Prepare your will in advance since you do not want your soon to be ex-wife to obtain any more loot if you don't make it back.

Hire a lawyer to act on your behalf re your divorce situation so if your wife serves you while you are overseas, lining up a divorce lawyer from thousands of miles away is very difficult. You will need to gather paperwork for them.

Sorry to be so depressing.

28th January 04, 07:44 AM
Originally posted by PizDoff
Wear a Canadian flag.....

And talk about hockey a lot...


28th January 04, 01:48 PM
Good luck, I'm sure it will be an adventure. When I've been in various places I always find someplace to workout. It's educational and helps make friends.

Two Iraq Kyokushin instructors are Husain A. Msawil and Sensei Ammar Wahyeb, and I can't find out any more than names, hope it helps. If it's trad KK (or any Jap.trad) the commands atleast are the same.

My Iranian friends tell me that there are Iranian martial arts (Varzesh-e Pahlavani?) that came about when the Mongols ran the place and the locals formed 'strong man' secret schools that lifted weights and practiced ma. I'd bet there is similar clubs in Iraq.

http://www.iraqmartialarts.tk/ looks like a wing chung site.
http://wwww.iraqorg.tk/ is the International Oraganization Martial Arts of Iraq
both are not in English, but you might be able to hook up by getting someone who can read 'em, specially the second has several links.

I mean, what the hell does this say? TKD sucks?
علمتني القيود ان لا شئ اثمن من الحرية (مجاهد)

If you dress like the guys with their hands up maybe you can pass as a local.

28th January 04, 03:19 PM
What kind of work are you doing? Assuming its not classified or anything.

Get good body armor, pack a fuckin' weapon, and follow pizdoffs advice to the letter!!

Good luck.

29th January 04, 02:18 AM
I work as a systems administrator.

29th January 04, 03:23 AM
Ick the desert, its well hot.

Other then that good luck.

29th January 04, 10:27 AM
Originally posted by Meteora
Ick the desert, its well hot.

Other then that good luck.

What does Ick mean?
Ice Cold Killa?

29th January 04, 10:50 AM
Just "ick" I'd imagine.

Good luck. If I were a younger man... ...well actually I'd still be in the Army and I'd probably be over there anyway.

30th January 04, 09:40 AM

(Mm. German meat...)

30th January 04, 02:51 PM
Originally posted by PizDoff
What does Ick mean?
Ice Cold Killa?

ick means ick, more of less a sound of displeasure that I use sometimes. Don't be such a nit-picker.

29th February 04, 06:56 AM
Update- I won't be going to Iraq. I have lived in Germany on the regular economy too long and I can't get a security clearance.

29th February 04, 08:19 AM

29th February 04, 09:05 AM
Ask some of the people that have been/were in the military. DRD or The Wastrel would be a good bet. I am pretty ignorant on exactly how this kind of thing works and am just speculating based on what they hinted at.