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19th November 03, 12:20 AM
I know I've started a lot of these threads, but this article just begs to be discussed.


The first thing i find funnny is Maj. Gen. Charles Swannack, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, saying "I think it demonstrates our resolve". Whats funny about this? Compare this to recent talk from high level officials saying they want to get out of Iraq as soon as possible! Nice resolve!


Pentagon officials stressed that in all cases, the U.S. has gone to "extraordinary means" to notify civilians that they need to evacuate the area before any attacks were carried out. And before any building was destroyed, nearby roads were closed to minimize the chance of unintended civilian casualties.

How the hell are they supposed to catch anyone by suprise like this!! Do they think Iraq rebels aren't gonna notice all there neighbours packing up and leaving and all the road blocks around their house with soldiers saying, "excuse me, you can't go in there cuz we're gonna blow shit up".
Stupid, this war gets dumber everyday.

Read, digest, discuss.