View Full Version : Aaaaarrrggghh!!!! Snakes in a car - maybe

14th August 18, 07:32 PM
Heard a rustling sound coming from underneath my passenger seat this morning as I was driving. It sounded like a large creature and my mind immediately says SNAKE!!!

Holy crap I had my hackles raised and driving in fast moving traffic I had to find somewhere to pull over. I was jumping out of my skin and wanting to take my seat belt off and just run off as the rustling continued and I imagined a snake would pop out and bite me - I am not on any drugs, just aware that I live in a place where snake sightings arenít all that rare.

About 4 of the longest minutes later Iím able to turn and stop the car somewhere safe.

I found my sonís bouncy ball under the passenger seat and his empty popcorn bag...theyíd been doing a little jig in the confined space and most likely were the source of the sounds. Checked under all the mats, boot, behind the child seat just to make sure. Iím still not sure but the rustling sound has stopped.

15th August 18, 12:15 AM
If it's a snake, the fastest way to exterminate it would be to put a mouse in your fanny.

Jean-Paul Sartre
15th August 18, 12:52 AM
Lily, if you come to my compound I will show you how much fun a "snake" can be.

Yeah. It's ok to pet him. Oh yeah. Just touch his head. Like that! Yeah! Don't stop. You can ride him. Yeah, like that. Mmmmm. Oh God, he's gonna spit. Fuck yeah! Hnnnnnngh!

15th August 18, 01:33 AM
You should do a "Todd's Recorded Phone Fantasies" startup.

‹ser Friendly
15th August 18, 09:33 AM
N0b's snake is more scared of you than you are of it

Pie of Hate
16th August 18, 03:26 AM
Are you getting tired of all these monkey fighting snakes, in your monday to friday car yet?