View Full Version : The first British soldier to land in France on D-Day just passed away

8th July 15, 11:24 AM
Norman was an SAS trooper parachuted in behind German lines as part of a small squad with the job of just generally causing chaos. After the war he got a job as a bank manager in a small town and didn't talk about the war at all. He lived to the age of 95.


The article says he was a cheerful person his whole life, but probably had a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up for all of us.

8th July 15, 01:01 PM
A lot of people will say that you need to relive a hard time in your life and really DEAL with the emotions. This guy and a few other former special ops guys I know did it this way.

It's over and done. No need to discuss it. Especially with people who weren't there and couldn't possibly understand.

And then they re-invent themselves as happy, sociable people. No idea HOW they do it, but it's really impressive. Kind of the opposite of PTSD.

9th July 15, 03:56 PM
There's nothing better than hearing he went on to live a full life. Respect.