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31st December 14, 08:03 PM
I have been working a lot of OT at the warehouse to cash in for a nice fat January check so I've missed most of the games.
But I did get home in time to see the finish tonight ...big win over the USA!!
McDavid is looking like the phenom he has been hyped to be...probably will be a better player than Crosby.
I like Eichel too..I might even take him over McDavid in the draft just because he is a D-man - much harder position to fill these days with elite talent.
Denmark won its first-ever at the tourney ! They bveat the Swiss in OT. Big upset there. That's like winning a medal for them..
Canada plays Denmark on Friday night.

Our team looks great this year, should be able to break out of the slump of 5 yrs. without Gold.

5th January 15, 12:57 PM
Important for us to beat Russia this year, especially under the circumstances - politically speaking.
Even though their economy is in the tank due to sanctions and falling oil prices, the Russkies are very arrogant right now.
They need to be put in their place on the world stage - again.
Go Canada !

15th January 15, 02:43 PM
Back on top where we belong.

USA didn't even make it to the medal rounds...all this talk about how their program was getting better than ours.
Yeah, dream on.

16th January 15, 11:57 AM
I'd love to join in the 'it's our game' chest thumping, but we have less people playing hockey than before, and the other countries programs are getting better.

18th January 15, 05:48 PM
Whatever, until someone knocks us off the throne its all conjecture.
Our Olympic team last time out was one of the best teams of all time - ever.

19th January 15, 01:11 PM
Truth. Very proud day to be Canadian.

7th February 15, 11:33 PM
I thought you worked at a University. Doing multiple jobs to save up?

8th February 15, 12:31 AM
I thought you worked at a University. Doing multiple jobs to save up?

I lost my job at Western years ago...where have you been?

8th February 15, 02:34 AM
Here and there.