View Full Version : Edmonton Free-Fall..Enough is Enough !

6th December 14, 01:39 PM
Jeepers Creepers..11 games now !
The rebuilding program certainly isn't working.
What gives Feryk ? The arena is as quiet as a morgue ...the players look beaten before the game starts.
What needs to happen here ?
Eakins needs to go, he clearly isn't the right coach for this team. As a matter of fact, the whole front office needs to go, Mctavish and Lowe included.
This has got to stop, and trades aren't the answer. Edmonton is so desperate they will get fleeced. Rival GM's have all the power in any transaction with Edmonton....

Philly is doing almost as bad right now. But this has been going on for years in Alberta.
Its a damn shame to see a great organization run into the ground like this.

8th December 14, 03:56 PM
Eakins isn't the problem. They have run off multiple coaches.

The culture in the city has changed. Everyone HATES the current Oilers. The general perception is that they need to collectively be bootfucked and groin stomped. They want to win - if they get off to a good start and don't get challenged - but they do nothing to show how much.

None of them bleed enough. They make a bunch of mental errors and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Half the time they just skate around trying to make the 'perfect pass' or some such shit.

The puck has more mental toughness than these pansies. Fuck them all.

I went to the Montreal Canadiens game (which we won, btw). 2/3 of arena was Montreal fans. For the first time ever - it was easy to get a ticket. Lots of seasons ticket holders cannot give them away right now.

If we could kill one of them and post his remains as a warning to the others, I would be in favor. As it is, look for some serious trades eventually - but as MacT said in his press conference - who would we get full value for right now?

Spade: The Real Snake
8th December 14, 04:12 PM
I hear Las Vegas is looking for a franchise.

8th December 14, 04:24 PM
I've heard that too. We've just committed to a $500M arena and a $3B arena district. Oilers aren't going anywhere, but that doesn't mean I have to cheer for a team that wallows in their own shit.

8th December 14, 08:30 PM
Mac T was an arrogant coach and he is an arrogant GM.
I think he needs to go...OUT WITH THE OLD GUARD !

9th December 14, 12:03 AM
Daryl Katz is a business man. He loves the old Oilers, but if it fucks with his attendence, then they need to be afraid.

Robot Jesus
10th December 14, 08:32 PM
just the nature of being not Calgary.

10th December 14, 10:29 PM
Calgary is not much better off.

11th December 14, 11:18 AM
Calgary is quite a bit better off this season...Feryk.
If they can sustain their current level of play they should qualify for the playoffs for the first time in years.
The Flames have not had much success at the draft and finally acknowledged , about four seasons too late, that a full-scale rebuild was in order. This has enabled them to turn the page rather quickly.
A new coaching system and some improvement in the crease has really helped them along this year. Jonas Hiller was a good pickup and is playing very well for them(.914 sv%), although he has struggled a bit as of late.

Part of the problem with Edmonton, as you you pointed out earlier, is their penchant for drafting and acquiring the same type of players year after year.
Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Nail Yakupov..all small, offensive-minded forwards who can man a top line. No matter what their needs, they always snatch up the best offensive player available in the first round of the draft instead of , for example, trading their first pick and going for a fourth or fifth selection D-man or a bigger, back-checking forward who can munch minutes on the PK and scrap hard along the boards; even if they may take longer to develop...
Example - if the Oilers were to get the first overall pick this year, they would pick McDavid - a great player, no doubt. But given their needs, it would be smarter to maybe trade the first pick for the second pick and a prospect or something - and take Eichel - a tougher, less flashy prospect who is more suited to their needs.
Grabbing the best offensive option is not always the best course of action, and the Oilers have yet to figure this out.

11th December 14, 11:20 AM
I hear Las Vegas is looking for a franchise.

And that is where Arizona is going to end up - mark my words.

11th December 14, 11:29 AM
If the Oiler's get first pick AGAIN this year, I'd expect them to package it and Yakupov to someone for a legitimate first/second line centre - OR - an established stud in the pipes.

They won't get that, though. No one is suffering from too many awesome goalies.

11th December 14, 12:58 PM
I have a feeling Arizona or Florida will end up with the first pick, undoubtedly McDavid, who will then go on to become their franchise player and 'save' the team.
Or even Carolina..all teams with horrible attendance and shitty fan base.


Spade: The Real Snake
11th December 14, 01:36 PM
And that is where Arizona is going to end up - mark my words.
I doubt it.
Gaming rules prohibit wagering on local pro sports, which is why there is no major league teams in Vegas. Minor league and shit like the XFL, but no NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL. There is a rumor of Vegas landing an MLS team, but Major League Soccer isn't a huge gambling draw.

11th December 14, 07:50 PM
I think the idea is ludicrous, personally.
Gary the Commish likes the idea and a potential ownership group has been given the green light to put out feelers in the form of a season-ticket drive to gauge public interest.
http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h407/shortfistfighter/Gary_zps98f9f65f.jpg (http://s1108.photobucket.com/user/shortfistfighter/media/Gary_zps98f9f65f.jpg.html)

Never underestimate a short man with delusions of grandeur..

21st April 15, 10:58 AM


So, the Oilers got lucky and have a chance to select the franchise player in this year's draft. The kid who is being touted as the next Lemieux, or Crosby, if you prefer.
The Oilers have also put Bob Nicholson in place as the CEO - another proven winner.
If Edmonton surrounds McDavid and the other young stars they already have with enough foot soldiers, there is not reason they should not be back in contention within four years.
Let's hope they do it.

On a playoff note - the game last night in Winnipeg was fantastic. I have never seen a building with such energy and enthusiasm. Too bad it didn't end well. I HATE the Anaheim Ducks. !

Every series I have been following has been extremely physical in nature, the Calgary- Vancouver series has had post-game brawls the past two games and been punctuated by thunderous hits almost by the minute. The Sens - Habs series has been just as physical, but without any post-game scraps.
The Habs are the team I am picking to go all the way from the East this year, in the West, I am going to pick Anaheim, but cheering for Calgary - an all-Canadian Cup Final is what I am hoping for.
Go Habs !

21st April 15, 11:00 AM
If the Oiler's get first pick AGAIN this year, I'd expect them to package it and Yakupov to someone for a legitimate first/second line centre - OR - an established stud in the pipes.

I hope you have changed your mind on this..

21st April 15, 11:02 AM
This has been the best first round of the playoffs I can remember. Every series has been worth watching. Winnepeg - Anaheim has been physical as hell. Byfuglien came unglued last night. Even though the Oilers aren't in the playoffs, I'm enjoying watching what I can of the games this year.

I cannot believe we got McDavid. We suck at winning, but holy shit can we draft.