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Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
3rd July 14, 12:07 PM


2x PMS electric Disc Motors
Rated power 2x 4,4kW
Peak power 12/14/18 kW
Torque more than 500Nm
Topspeed 30/35 km/h or 18.6/21.7 mph


Lithium-Ion Battery
96V nominal Voltage
6,3/7,9/10,8 kWh Capacity
Autonomic heating system for low temperature use
Integrated function-surveillance guarantees highest safety

Subject to alteration


Joystick with intelligent input-analysis
Permanent, redundant securitychecks of complete system
Selfdiagnosis and errorhandling
Preset driving-profiles for different use scenarios


Tubuluar steel frame with rollover protection
4-point safety seat belt and body-conoured seat for best traction
Deltatracks for maximum road grip and best stability on every surface
Height: 154 cm
Width: 122 cm
Length: 132 cm
Weight: ~275/295kg

Der Ziesel

(http://derziesel.com/wordpress/?lang=en)Pretty neat idea yours for $30k...

8th July 14, 08:45 PM
That's a good way to go and get yourself crippled.