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1st December 13, 11:09 AM

No, this is just a test of the new front page system and whether or not the damn thing imports images yet. Football is stupid; both varieties.

The best way to communicate is compatible. Compatible communication is listening with open ears and an open mind, and not being fearful or judgemental about what you're hearing.

When you get lost in your imaginatory vagueness, your foresight will become a nimble vagrant. These kind of things only happen for the first time once. Listen to the silence. And when the silence is deafening, you're in the center of your own universe.

Its like a symbology of this of your mouth is eating food, from your mouth to your heart, is your freedom and your independence and your identity. It's OK to get Rib-grease on your face, because you're allowing people to see that you're proud of these ribs.

I would like to give you a backstage pass to my imagination. All men are failed women at birth. You know when you get the outside genitalia, its like "Oh my god what have they done to me?". I wrestled a bear once. A 750lbs black bear.

Sinful Jock
1st December 13, 01:53 PM
Too soon, too sorrowful.

Üser Friendly
7th December 13, 12:41 PM
Is Phrost on acid?

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
7th December 13, 03:58 PM
No he's just stopped taking the lithium.

Üser Friendly
8th December 13, 02:52 AM
Well I for one welcome our Lithium free overlords



8th December 13, 12:15 PM
Phrost is that guy what writes all them spam emails.