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28th November 12, 08:55 AM
A well-written and acute piece talking about the implications of "hipster" culture and excessive irony as a toxic defense mechanism.

Throughout history, irony has served useful purposes, like providing a rhetorical outlet for unspoken societal tensions. But our contemporary ironic mode is somehow deeper; it has leaked from the realm of rhetoric into life itself. This ironic ethos can lead to a vacuity and vapidity of the individual and collective psyche. Historically, vacuums eventually have been filled by something more often than not, a hazardous something. Fundamentalists are never ironists; dictators are never ironists; people who move things in the political landscape, regardless of the sides they choose, are never ironists.


I agree with most of what's said there. What do you think?
Extra rep for multilevel ironic answers of course.

Spade: The Real Snake
28th November 12, 11:03 AM
I blame Gideon Yago

28th November 12, 11:24 AM
I blame Pikachu.

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Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
28th November 12, 12:04 PM
Jesus loves you!

28th November 12, 04:32 PM
Your replies are all too ironic for me to fully appreciate, so I don't know who I should rep.

"Grunge" proved quite insignificant, didn't it?

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
28th November 12, 04:36 PM
Jesus loves you the most!

28th November 12, 05:23 PM