View Full Version : Can I haz free Supporting Membership?

11th July 12, 08:58 PM


I need some sort of confessional booth. Or tell me how much I need to pay to become a member WITHOUT having anything to do with bs.net.

11th July 12, 09:17 PM
Do you promise not to read the old threads in the secret forum?

11th July 12, 09:36 PM
I posted there for a while if you recall and haven't said anything about what I'd seen.

There are over 1,000 guests reading this site so I just wanted relative interweb privacy.

Spade: The Real Snake
11th July 12, 10:40 PM
I told you, Lily, I'll pay the child support

11th July 12, 10:47 PM
Try it now.

11th July 12, 11:08 PM
Thank you.

11th July 12, 11:09 PM
It wurkz?

12th July 12, 02:04 AM
What works?

billy sol hurok
12th July 12, 06:50 AM
Shnorring, apparently.

12th July 12, 09:42 AM
The question is who are the guests and why do they come here?

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
12th July 12, 09:46 AM

12th July 12, 09:50 AM

Yeh you know that. Fucking Mossad opinion trawlers. I got an opinion for ya! FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syntactical Disruptorize
14th July 12, 01:42 AM
Why do you care about paying bs.net?

14th July 12, 08:27 AM
Something about the small type in the MAP contract.

Spade: The Real Snake
14th July 12, 08:55 AM
She can't violate the restraining order Phrost has on her.

17th July 12, 05:39 PM
Eh when I gave to "Phrost's moneybomb" and had that supporting membership for a while as a bonus I only got it on Sociocide and not bs.net. So yes, you can give to one site and not the other if you need to. Guess it just depends on which site you log in to the donation thing from that counts.

Spade: The Real Snake
17th July 12, 05:43 PM
that $5 donation you gave, Resolve, went to good use in the crotch of a mid-B level stripper's g-string.

17th July 12, 05:51 PM
I wouldn't be surprised, it certainly didn't go to the stability of the site :P