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15th June 12, 06:18 AM
Does anyone on this thread play RTS? I'm pretty certain I could muller rice anyone on HW and HW cataclysm.

I been using gameranger to play older titles.

Total Annihilation
Age of Myth etc.

Anyone here on Gameranger?


Any RTS fans never experienced homeworld? If so you is missing out.


It even has its own funky song.

Spade: The Real Snake
15th June 12, 11:11 AM
Stick to Lego Star Wars, it's safer.

Robot Jesus
15th June 12, 11:32 AM
I always preferred TBS. With RTS I could never really tell if I had a bad strategy, or I just didn't click fast enough.

Spade: The Real Snake
15th June 12, 11:44 AM
I finally got my Feebas to evolve into a Milotic

15th June 12, 01:16 PM
I used to play a lot of RTS.

Now I like to play MOBA strategy though. It's faster and more interesting (and rage inducing, but that's also a sign you're having fun :P).

15th June 12, 03:50 PM
Stay away from those games, play them too much and you will turn into a conspiracy theorist...

Nah if you play rts enough you will simply become intelligent enough to SEE the conspiracy. They're everywhere!