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Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
9th June 12, 01:28 PM
The suicide rate among the nationís active-duty military personnel has spiked this year, eclipsing the number of troops dying in battle and on pace to set a record annual high since the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan more than a decade ago, the Pentagon said Friday.

The military said Friday that there had been 154 suicides among active-duty troops through Thursday, a rate of nearly one each day this year. The figures were first reported this week by The Associated Press.

That number represents an 18 percent increase over the 130 active-duty military suicides for the same period in 2011. There were 123 suicides from January to early June in 2010, and 133 during that period in 2009, the Pentagon said.

By contrast, there were 124 American military fatalities in Afghanistan as of June 1 this year, according to the Pentagon.

Full NY Times article (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/09/us/suicides-eclipse-war-deaths-for-us-troops.html?_r=2&hp)

....and no doubt the mental state of most vets will be the highest priority of the government......

9th June 12, 05:30 PM
Tragic consequence of American soldiers realising they have been stormtroopering for Darth Vader all these years.

Vets: Don't kill yourselves there's a fucking war on! We still need you! Don't forget that even Darth turned good in the end, throwing his smelly old Emperor down the well. You can too!

Spade: The Real Snake
9th June 12, 06:06 PM
Fear not.
Hope and Change, my friends.

9th June 12, 07:47 PM
NoB, is there any tragedy you dont find ideal?

I for one would like to see more detailed breakdown on these suicides. Morbid as it sounds I believe greater understanding of the figures would shine light on the potential solutions, because to me having a soldier a day off himself doesn't sound ideal.

For example is there a greater chance of suicide amongst tour veterans than raw recruits. If so how many tours indicate a greatly increrased risk?

Or are the suicides mainly among new recruits? If so are they among volenteer recruits or recruits who have been volenteered by US courts on recompense for some crime?

Or is the US military now simply so gigantic that 1 suicide per day isn't actually that high a deviation from a normal population?

Here at least is an issue that I hope members of this forum can address seriously. I know there are some military types knocking around and regardless of my views on the current campains and political and global lolstrategy I give props to our oathsworn brothers and a tactical congratulations on keeping the bodycount on a ten year war so low. I just think we've all been betrayed by our loleaders.

So smoke a phatty and don't do it. Cos we can still win.

11th June 12, 02:12 PM
Madgrenade makes a good point. The military is f'ing huge. 160 suicides in six months may not be statistically significant.

However, it would be interesting to note how many were in theatre, how many were suffering from mental/physical impairments prior to the attempt.

There is probably a lot of room for the VA to take better care of these people, but maybe additional screening up front makes some sense too?

Spade: The Real Snake
11th June 12, 04:05 PM
There is probably a lot of room for the VA to take better care of these people, but maybe additional screening up front makes some sense too?
The VA provides shitty care to vets of all wars and they always have.
The Feds provide small scope, individualized care to both Vets and Natives, in the form of the VA and IHS, yet do it poorly.
However we are expected to "trust them to do the right thing" on the large scope in universal health care.

12th June 12, 10:08 AM
We have similar arguements up here. However, most Canadians think American style health care is evil, due to the profit motive.

Spade: The Real Snake
12th June 12, 12:45 PM
Yes, TORT reform would solve that and remove the profit motive from excessive and superfulous malpractice lawsuits

12th June 12, 12:59 PM
Yeah. We laugh at that, too.

12th June 12, 01:06 PM
If by 'not assertive enough' you mean 'less of an asshole', I agree.