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9th June 12, 03:50 AM

Dutch Municipality To Give Moroccan Street Thugs Martial Arts Lessons To Give Residents A Sense of Security

August 4, 2011

Wilders: Total Craziness in Gouda

The fact that Gouda will give the Moroccan youth who cause disturbances martial arts lessons is evidence of the "total craziness"of the municipality.. This was made known by PVV leader Geert Wilders on Thursday. He is demanding that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Piet Hein Donner gets involved.

The Algemeen Dagblad garnered attention Thursday for this question. The martial arts sports lesson will lead to less disturbances in the area and an increased feeling of security for the residents Gouda expects. Moroccan youth have for years been the cause of disturbances in the South Holland muncipality.

Jurgen Huizenga of the Dutch Institute for Martial Arts and Society pointed out in the paper that the youth during the fighting sub consciously receive behavioral training. That causes a positive development. Gouda thinks that the lessons will prove to be good for the youth's resilency and personal growth.

According to Wilders what is really taking place is a reward for the agressive and disturbance causing behaviour by the 'Moroccan street thugs'. Gouda has completely lost its way, he concluded. He is demanding in written questions that Donner stops the project, because it stands in direct contradiction to the government accords of not implementing any policies for specific target groups.Gouda may not get any money from the muncipal funds finds Wilders.

Agressive and disturbance causing thugs must be severely punished finds Wilders. Where possible the disturbance causing thugs must be stripped of the Dutch nationality and deported from the country.


August 5, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The city of Gouda seems to be intentionally enabling the cultural insanity that is rapidly descending across central Europe, as Dutch authorities in this city of about 70,000 are rewarding Muslim street thugs, mostly of Moroccan immigrant stock, with free martial arts training.

The "theory," such as it is, relies upon the belief that this type of formalized instruction will instill a sense of responsibility among a group of people who have so far generationally refused to assimilate into the larger Dutch society.

Holland's growing Muslim population is far more likely to be involved in criminal activity that are non-Muslims and are seen as the primary cause for increased anti-Semitism in this traditionally "free thinking" country.

Many of these Muslim immigrants are employing a policy of cultural imperialism, which has led to "no-go" areas in Moroccan neighborhoods, where police are forbidden to patrol because of the danger involved.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who is under constant protection because of death threats by radical Muslims, attacked the idea, calling it "total craziness." Wilders has called upon Holland's Minister of Internal Affairs, Piet Hein Donner, to get involved in Gouda's decision to in essence train the Moroccan thugs to be even more lethal.

"According to Wilders, what is really taking place is a reward for the aggressive and disturbance causing behavior by the 'Moroccan street thugs.' Gouda has completely lost its way, he concluded. He is demanding in written questions that Donner stops the project...Aggressive and disturbance causing thugs must be severely punished, finds Wilders. [He suggests] where possible the disturbance causing thugs must be stripped of the Dutch nationality and deported from the country..." [source, http://binnenland.nieuws.nl/654129/wilders__totale_gekte_in_gouda, as translated from the Dutch by Beila Rabinowitz]


Experts are, however, divided about the issue of whether martial arts actually help to regulate aggressive behaviour. Projects in the Netherlands have been successful so far, as noted by researcher Marc Theeboom from the Free University of Brussels.

In a study commissioned by the Dutch Olympic Committee & Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) he concluded that the resilience of problem youths is indeed improved, something he deals with in greater depth in his book Vechtsporten met een + (Martial Arts with a +). The Muller Institute, which researches the social aspects of sport, came to a similar conclusion in 2010.

Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway, on the other hand, are of a different opinion. They carried out a two-year study following 500 boys between the ages of 11 and 16 at 37 schools in Bergen. The boys took part in weightlifting, wrestling and martial arts. The researchers found they were more aggressive than their peers, involved in more fights, used weapons more frequently and played truant more often.

And are you applying for a job as their teacher?

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9th June 12, 08:49 AM
The more ways they can be taught to kill each other off...

Spade: The Real Snake
9th June 12, 08:58 AM
a whole new crop of barfight contenders, title-bound, seeking to take the champion's strap from around Lebell's waist

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They need to train wing chun instead of effective MAs. They'd swear oaths of never fighting outside the dojo because too deadly.

11th June 12, 03:42 PM
Yes, teaching them shitty MA is the way to peace. Excellent thinking.

Spade: The Real Snake
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Go Kan Ryu to the rescue

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Only if they want a franchise.