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2nd June 12, 08:38 AM
While proclaimers and detractors of anthropogenic global warming hog all the limelight, managing debate on the crucial issue of mans effect on the environment into ever narrower bands of public perceprtion, the rape and pollution of planet Earth continues unabated and almost unnoticed.

The manifest damage done by industry is global and there are many good examples. Here we will focus on just one.

The multinational corporation Monsantos moves to totally dominate the global food chain by forcing monopolies, in collusion with the US government, is already well documented. I will try to gather but a few examples to illustrate a narrative in this post.

More terrifying, however, are the hackneys efforts of scientists working for Monsanto to increase profits by engineering suicide seeds that produce no viable grains for replanting, and delving into the murky world of geneering plants that produce their own pesticides, with disasterous effects.

Monsanto enforced global food monopoly.

Aww man, where to even begin with this behemoth? If you haven't heard of Monsanto by now, I'm afraid you really have been sleeping.
Here is a company so vile it has a worldwide movement dedicated to pwning them. Always a best buddy with the US gov it is responsible for such past delights as agent orange, the highly toxic foliage destroyer used in the vietman war, which is still to this day causing problems for the people left with its legacy.
http://hnn.us/articles/agent-orange-still-killing-people-vietnam-and-america (Disturbing and possibly NSFW)

Monsanto and the US goverment have installed a revolving door.

Monsanto uses its influence with government to enforce its monopoly at home and abroad, forcing dangerous products on people who reject them.
This link had details about monsantos use of gentic engeneering to make plants resistant to their ubiquitous pesticide roundup. Which leads us neatly onto...

Dead Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder and Monsanto

Yes, while genetically engineered foodstuffs may provide a solution to our food shortage, we must give serious thought to manner in which things are engineered. Do we honesty believe that engineering the food we eat to kill itself and produce poison* is a responsible way to ensure better future yeilds?
* http://www.foodmatters.tv/_webapp/the truth is out on genetically modified foods - and it's not pretty MUST rEAD this details studys whereby monsanto grains have been shown to cause organ failure in animals
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-smith/genetically-modified-soy_b_544575.html and complete sterility in mice by the third generation.

Monsanto was linked to colony collapse disorder by research firm beelogics. What was Monsantos response? Buy Beelogics of course!

Poland pwnd Monsanto
The French tried but were blocked by the EU, further evidence of the corporations insidious grip on worldwide federal "governments".

But while some nations are standing up the US and much of Europe has been polluted by this filth.
http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Monsanto_and_the_Roundup_Ready_Con troversy

It is also important to be aware that while Monsanto shoves its corrupt grains down everyone elses throats their cafeterias are all GM free!

While it may be tempting to poor scorn on profit and power hungry execs bent on world monopoly, which is bad enough, I believe the responsibility for this horror lies with the scientists who knowingly colluded in this enterprise.
I don't care who you are, how much they paid you, what they told you or what you believed while you were doing it. Kill yourselves.

The best quotes are found in fiction so I will draw on the wisdom of fictional skeptic Ian Malcom from the seminal film based on Micheal Crichtons genetic epic "Jurrasic Park"

"Donít you see the danger, John, inherent in what youíre doing here? Genetic power is the most awesome force the planetís ever witnessed, yet you wield it like a kid thatís found his dadís gun."

So please peruse this thread and come and tell me that the greatest environmental problem the world faces is what were gonna do when our feet get wet.
Spread the word if you are concerned like I am. The environmental apocalypse is NOW. and it's all around us.

2nd June 12, 02:58 PM
They are almost done producing artificial bees, so this isn't really a problem.

Reference please

Also artificial bees don't address the issue of suicide seeds and roundup.

2nd June 12, 03:23 PM
If you don't like them don't use them. This is all on the consumer. No conspiracy here.

Firstly no reference to your apparently baseless assertion of artificial lolbees. Even if it were possible to construct a race of artificial robotic nanopollinators, why would you bother when a few simple actions could save the biorobotic pollinators we actually have, ie real bees?

Secondly the US gov has been involved in blocking state bills to even allow GMOs to be properly labelled. So please tell me how the consumer is supposed to make an informed decision when the very information required to make that decision is denied them?


(Secondly the US gov has been involved in blocking state bills to even allow GMOs to be properly labelled.) This statement is a flawed part truth that needs further clarification. The issues are more complex. What is clear is that this is not a case that can be simply left to consumers. When Genetic ingredients infiltrate the food chain and are not properly identified how can the consumer make a choice?

Moreover if there was ever a real case for oversight and regulation by supramarket bodies this is it. Yet many members of the FDA have served with Monsanto* and clearly there are conflict of interest issues arising.

* Refernced above. See US gov Monsanto install revolving door.

2nd June 12, 03:42 PM
Buyer beware.

Corn is corn.

Rice is rice.

Except when it's freaking poison and the seller neglects to mention it.

2nd June 12, 05:02 PM
Did you read the OP or is this just a standard kneejerk troll?

I didn't really post this to swap one line witticisms. Just dropping by to give my old buddies at sociocide a heads up. I'm glad your satisfied with the current situation NoB. At least someone is.

2nd June 12, 06:15 PM
please don't go

2nd June 12, 06:19 PM
I don't know if there are any GMOs that might cause health problems (I'm sure it's possible, but it wouldn't be deliberate), but I don't like the idea of plants which don't yield viable seeds so that you have to keep going back to the same corporation to get next year's harvest.

That's a disturbing path to go down.

2nd June 12, 06:56 PM
I've heard of the hypothesis that GMO's which produce their own pesticides are one of the biggest killers of the world bee population right now. I wouldn't doubt it a bit.

Also, Monsanto does have a history of being a ratnastyass corporation and they are fined almost every other year for it by the US government... although because corporations are legally "people" all they can do is fine them... and to Monsanto it is little more than a wrist slap each time.

And Roundup has been shown in scientific tests to poison the shit out of the water systems it is applied near.

Not really much to debate here except what to do about it.

2nd June 12, 07:23 PM
..... mispost ....

3rd June 12, 01:40 PM
The first thing I would do would be to declare a state of emergency and a clear and present domestic threat to the US. Then I would freeze all Monsantos accounts and issue military arrest warrants* for everyone involved in the project. Then I would increase my own security.

I would send military police units to seize all known Monsanto research facilities. All reseach scientists and high level execs would be detained.

I would then have a conference with said scientists, explain what it was they were doing wrong, ie tell them to stop being so fucking retarded. Then I would see if they had a stopgap grain, one that didn't suicide or produce inbuilt pesticides. (Bear in mind there are farmers worldwide already sucked into the suicide scam and they need seed otherwise massive global starvation.) If they dont have a stopgap grain ready to rock then we in trouble, but shit, they got us coming and going on this one so... If no grain I launch a global appeal to try and get some seed together and start moving civilisation away from a monoculture.

I would convict the Monsanto corporation and their entire board of a new offence, crimes against life itself, by military tribunal (hey it works for clueless "terrorists" why not make it work for us? This is a real emergency after all.) and appropriate all assets, cash, shares and facilities.

I would sentance Monsanto to corparate death and create a new body. The US department of Genetic Engineering.

I would put all the geneticists back to work with a new caveat: from now on we are going to run tests to determine if the new grains are safe for humans and animals and insects BEFORE we distribute them worldwide.

I would create a seperate oversight commitee of independant geneticists not involved in the project to peer review the work. Make sure the modifications made aren't stupid and retarded.

Bish bash bosh problem solved.

* While I would never normally encourage using brutal military tactics to enforce justice I believe there are some exceptions. Like when they represent a clear and present danger to national security**. Or when they are so powerful they would likely be able to buy their way out of any civil justice.

** An actual clear and present danger. Not mountain dew addicts in corrugate steel castles in the middle of nowhere.

26th April 13, 02:11 PM
Don't be so quick on the draw there, McGraw.


Seems that Madgrenade had a point.

26th April 13, 02:16 PM
Actually, it means that nicotine based pesticides happen to be really good at killing bees as well.

Perhaps that shouldn't be too surprising.

27th April 13, 07:42 PM
GMO pushers like to always cite a "world hunger problem" when:

1) It isn't that simple. A famine somewhere doesn't mean the "world" is at a shortage. It means growing and/or transporting food there is fail for multiple reasons. The world is actually at a huge freaking surplus.

2) Industrial agriculture has actually hurt us more than helped us. Just from the pesticides alone people around the world are BORN with multiple poisons already in their bodies. Monsanto even admitted that they've already poisoned the entire world population now that they can't be prosecuted for it.


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28th April 13, 07:22 AM
I'm conflicted about GMO

If they could produce a potatoe that was imune to blight fungus i would grow it

Blanket herb/pest-icides no thanks

I'm also a bit worried about mutant spider/goat/triffids

29th April 13, 02:55 PM

I was talking about Nicotine based insecticides, not GMO.

And I don't know who Anna Lappe is, but she has nice rockets.

29th April 13, 03:00 PM
Most GMO's that have proven to be harmful are the kinds that get the GMO to produce its own insecticide within its own body. They are contributing heavily to colony collapse disorder and cancer in humans. They are also the most used GMO.

That's the connection.

There are a few other GMO's causing strange effects as well but the most serious stuff is the pesticide-GMO.

And then there's how GMO's are made... via e-coli and viruses that biotech orgs put a marker gene in so they can tell the new genetic information took hold in the GMO. What's that marker gene? Antiobiotic resistance.

Sounds smart.

‹ser Friendly
29th April 13, 11:52 PM

I was talking about Nicotine based insecticides, not GMO.


30th April 13, 11:42 AM

"Commercial honeybee (http://phys.org/tags/honeybee/) enterprises began feeding bees high-fructose corn syrup back in the 70's after research was conducted that indicated that doing so was safe. Since that time, new pesticides have been developed and put into use and over time it appears the bees' immunity response to such compounds may have become compromised."

14th May 13, 01:22 PM
And he was banned for it. Then unbanned.

Helluva post though. Must've taken many hours to put that together.

I agree it's probably a shill post. But it's still a good one.