View Full Version : London Knights Win OHL Championship !

12th May 12, 05:00 PM
Woot ! Woot !
Unexpected this year..the Knights have gone all the way again !

Now on to play for the Memorial Cup in Quebec.
The Hunters have done such an awesome job reviving this franchise. 20 years ago the Knights were playing out at the old Ice House by the 401 in a shitty arena and were owned by a bunch of assholes who didn't care about the game at all. They just wanted to turn a profit.
They had the opportunity to work with the city to get an arena built and move the franchise downtown, but didn't want to spend any money. Despite the fact that they were only drawing about 3-4,000 people to the games. I hardly ever went to games out there because it was too long of a drive and the arena sucked.
Now I buy up 20 or so pairs of tickets at the beginning of the season every year and go to playoff games when I can as well.
With the Hunter ownership the team is run by a hockey family, they now play in one of the best arenas in the country ( for a junior team ) and regularly draw capacity crowds of 12,000 + people. They won a Memorial Cup a few years ago, they are playing for it again this year, and have started producing more solid NHL'ers than almost any franchise in Junior Hockey. Corey Perry, Patrick Kane, Rick Nash - just to name 3.