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11th May 12, 07:46 PM
source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2140702/South-Korea-customs-officials-thousands-pills-filled-powdered-human-baby-flesh.html

The capsules are in demand because they are viewed as being a medicinal 'cure-all'.

The grim trade is being run from China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born.

The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in household refrigerators in homes of those involved in the trade before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.

Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pummelled into powder and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.


Health authorities in Asia are concerned that if the powdered foetus trade is allowed to continue the capsules will find their way onto the internet and be sold to gullible or sick desperate people in other parts of the world.

Is there a facepalm epic enough to counter this with?

I really wish I could say more; I have no words.

Robot Jesus
11th May 12, 08:03 PM
tame compared to Africa.

Robot Jesus
11th May 12, 08:42 PM
At lest in China they don't needlessly mutilate living children to finalize a pact with a psychotic deity.

11th May 12, 10:46 PM
Gee, I wonder where those Chinese got that idea... (http://ph.cdn.photos.upi.com/sv/ph/UPI-90181294154964/045e20b9736c1680bd19e335730cc521/Churchs-communion-wafers-carried-virus.jpg)

Vieux Normand
12th May 12, 08:51 AM
"Suffer the little children"...as long as your digestion can tolerate them.

EDIT: Is this what anglophones call 'baby food'?

Robot Jesus
12th May 12, 11:03 AM
what do francs call baby food?

12th May 12, 11:30 AM
what do francs call baby food?

Merde d'artiste.

12th May 12, 12:23 PM
Don't they know that, according to homeopathic principles, they can get the same cure from drinking the water in any baptismal font?

Robot Jesus
12th May 12, 01:28 PM
Nonsense, when was the last time you saw some shake a baptismal font?

12th May 12, 01:37 PM
Nonsense, when was the last time you were at a fontshake party?

12th May 12, 03:35 PM
The depths of human depravity continue to both fascinate and revile me.

12th May 12, 03:47 PM

12th May 12, 03:48 PM
Pretty much.

Vieux Normand
13th May 12, 03:36 PM
what do francs call baby food?

I refer you to the most recent cover of Time.

*damn, though...that's a big baby*

13th May 12, 03:55 PM
Are you guys ready for another WAR!! YEEEHAWWWW!

13th May 12, 05:45 PM

Commodore Pipes
13th May 12, 09:53 PM
Is there a facepalm epic enough to counter this with?

Man, knock it off.

Spade: The Real Snake
14th May 12, 12:17 AM

14th May 12, 11:05 AM

14th May 12, 11:15 AM
You haven't lived until you've died.

Spade: The Real Snake
14th May 12, 11:19 AM
There is a longer segment in the book on this guy. Brief synopsis:

He was fascinated by sci-fi and "Buck Rogers" as a kid. He and his wife sign up with Alcor Cryogenics for "head only" cryonics.

His wife dies, they take her, cut off her head, cremate the rest and send him the rest of the cremated remains.

He buys a pharma-grade mortar and pestle and empty capsules and reduces the remains to fine powder, packs them into the empty capsules.

He buries three on the property, keeps three under the pillow and then ingests (what I thought was one per day, but is actually one per meal) a capsule so she is "always at home, always with him (internally) and still goes to bed and wakes with him.

He also has/had made Alcor primary beneficiary on all his bank accounts and insurance policies as well as Executor/Personal Representative on his estate, including all real property, so as if his wife is thawed first, she will have a home to live-in and money to get started.

billy sol hurok
14th May 12, 04:02 PM

16th May 12, 04:06 PM
Snake, you have presented the first evidence I've ever seen that cryonics is a viable business model. These people can all name the company as their trustee, and the company can use their properties in perpetuity.

Hell, this idea has potential. Let's make Sociocide a cryonics company everyone!