View Full Version : BS Login down ?

5th May 12, 09:09 PM
Hey, is anyone else having trouble logging in over at Bullshido ? I put in the proper username and password but it won't let me log in.
Is Phrost doing site maintenance ?

6th May 12, 11:52 AM
It's working fine for me.

6th May 12, 02:57 PM
Same here

7th May 12, 08:08 AM
Something weird is going on.
Today, I was able to log in, but when I watched a Youtube clip someone had embedded, it logged me out and I couldn't log back in.

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
7th May 12, 09:11 AM
Cyber ninjas!

12th May 12, 04:47 PM
Now its fucking doing it again !!
I used all 5 of my login attempts. WTF is going on ??

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
13th May 12, 05:50 AM

13th May 12, 04:53 PM
Yeah, well someone get the ninjas and fix them up with some sushi so they GTFO cuz I need to post something.
STILL cannot login.

Spade: The Real Snake
13th May 12, 07:04 PM
go train teh zhoo zitzu mai frend*

1st June 12, 10:19 AM
I pm'd Phrost and he must have done something cuz I was able to login a couple of days later. But now its doing it again !
Fuck ! I wanted to post up an RIP for Johnny Tapia..I loved watching that guy fight.