View Full Version : Just lost a massive post I wrote :/

18th February 12, 08:51 PM
Spent 3 hours writing up a post and getting the proper sources for a post on the NDAA and government abuse of power that I wanted to put in Ground Zero.

When I hit submit I got this message:


When I hit the back button the post was gone.

Is there a time limit on writing posts?

I lost all the stuff I've been writing. I think it's important enough to write again but this next version will probably be more half-assed :/.

Syntactical Disruptorize
18th February 12, 08:59 PM
I'm surprised the text was gone when you hit the back button. Most browsers cache that sort of thing, unless the site itself overrides the caching. Could be a vBulletin bug or a configuration issue (admin hint: look for no-cache headers).

18th February 12, 11:41 PM
Posts can generally be recovered with undo/redo

18th February 12, 11:46 PM
Yeah I just pared it down and rewrote it. You can see it in Ground Zero now.

19th February 12, 12:06 AM
It's part of a script I wrote that will thwart any effort by you to spend any appreciable amount of time on anything other than the evidence that you promised that Man posesses a soul.

19th February 12, 01:02 AM
No worries Reese. I'm spending 10-20 minutes a day sifting through the research.

19th February 12, 02:33 AM
I believe you because Christians never lie.

19th February 12, 02:45 AM
That's not true.

But yes, I get it, you want it yesterday. It's a lot of information, and it's really important don't you think?

19th February 12, 04:11 AM

19th February 12, 07:26 AM
You've fallen right into his trap, resolve.

19th February 12, 12:13 PM
Chuck's right; that's entirely a browser thing. Short of writing up your post in an external editor and then pasting it into the text field, there's not much that can be done.

The same thing's happened to me dozens of times. So if I'm writing something more involved than a quick post, I generally do it in notepad.

Syntactical Disruptorize
19th February 12, 12:29 PM
Are no-cache headers enabled on the site? That's the one thing vBulletin can do to cause this problem.