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4th January 12, 11:45 AM
Any one else watching this? As a Caps fan I've been watching to see the progress of the Russian capitain (and Caps first rounder), Evgeny Kuznetsov (6gp, 6G and 7A).
The semi-finals last night between Russia and Canada was almost one of the most spectacular comebacks ever. Russia is up 6-1 in the 3rd period with 11 mins left to play and they let Canada get 4 unanswered goals in about 5 mins. In the ballsy-ist move of the night, the Russian coach give the goalie the hook and goes the cold net minder. Canada continues to pour it on for the next 5 minutes with tons of scoring chances and at least one puck that rings the iron. Somehow the Russians hold on and eliminate Canada and advance to the Gold medal game. Unbelievable.

4th January 12, 11:49 AM
Unbelievable is right..valiant attempt at a comeback, but it fell one post short.
Didn't bother putting up a thread for this cuz in previous years nobody seemed to give a damn.
I hope the Swedes beat Russia for the Gold.
Canada has not been getting top notch goaltending in this tourney for a few years now and it has been costing us.

4th January 12, 04:47 PM
If the Russians play like the did the first 50 minutes of the semis, the Swedes have no chance. There's just too much talent on the Russian team.

Robot Jesus
4th January 12, 05:14 PM
I went to the Latvia Swiss game, ended up spending the second period drinking beer with my cousin and then we went to the strippers.

4th January 12, 07:18 PM
Excellent choice for third period entertainment. Which strip bar? Showgirls? Diamond Club?

4th January 12, 07:25 PM
Did you go to any games, Feryk ?

5th January 12, 10:44 PM
Oh. My. God.

Sweden wins for the first time since 1981 on an OT breakaway goal, 1-0. Russian had no answer for the stifling Swedish defense. Got to feel bad for the Russian goalie though, he played one hell of a game.

6th January 12, 11:00 AM
I'm glad the Russians lost..serves them right for being so arrogant when they beat Canada.
Anything other than Gold is largely considered a failure up here in Canada. But the Bronze will mean something to these kids in the years to come. Its better to get something for your efforts than nothing at all.
Visentin played a great game and got a shutout, good form him.

6th January 12, 11:03 AM
Its strange that Sweden hasn't won this tournament in so long..they've been doing well at the Olympics and WHC.

6th January 12, 11:17 AM
Good for them. They did a good job, and if I recalled beat Canada in exibition games before the tournament opened.