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Spade: The Real Snake
28th November 11, 01:29 PM



An up-scale Gun Club in Scottsdale features the ability for $5 member pix/$10 non-member pix with a strapped Santa, most of which include a child packing heat.

From the story, which is from the UK which cracks me up:

Out of the hundreds of attendees at a similar event last year, only one participant declined the option of having their child pose with a gun

Commodore Pipes
28th November 11, 04:03 PM
Good trigger discipline.

28th November 11, 06:20 PM
Would fear of Santa Claus be called claustrophobia?

29th November 11, 01:13 AM
why would you think that?

ho ho ho (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=santa-claustrophobia)

29th November 11, 07:08 PM
Lucky desert douches.

29th November 11, 07:34 PM
Very smart marketing. I'd buy from this place.

Commodore Pipes
29th November 11, 08:57 PM
I'll check them out next time I go to Scottsdale.

Phrost, where did that GIF come from? It is freaking me out.

Robot Jesus
30th November 11, 10:54 PM
WTF is wrong with you people, those should be wrapped.