View Full Version : CFL Alumni Brawl On Stage on Grey Cup Weekend ..video

27th November 11, 02:17 PM
This is Grey Cup weekend and the video you are about to watch just goes to show that old football players can hold a grudge for loooong time:

The game tonight features the BC Lions and the Winnipeg Bluebombers.

Spade: The Real Snake
28th November 11, 10:19 AM
those two old coffin-dodgers could probably still score a roster slot on most CFL teams.

and not because the old fuckers are that good, either.

28th November 11, 05:52 PM
You won't insult many Canadians by dissing the CFL. We do it all the time.

Dark Helmet
28th November 11, 06:32 PM
They're mad about something that happened in 1963? Even my family doesn't hold a grudge for that long. And my family argued over farming lands and cattel.