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10th November 11, 01:59 AM

This guy is the son of one of Hamas' founders who was very involved in Hamas then became a christian, then became an agent for Israel.

He talks about Palestine vs Israel from a pretty deep knowledge of the inner workings.

The most interesting thing he said was when he's been staying in the west and watching the media he said he "started to believe the lie" of western media about the situation even when he had first hand knowledge of what was going on.

10th November 11, 07:49 AM
What, does he say, is "the lie"?

Robot Jesus
10th November 11, 11:55 AM

10th November 11, 01:53 PM
He says that "the lie" is the idea that root of the problem is political and not religious. This is something pro-Israel folks love to address (notice: he says arabs hate Israelis. He never says that there is animosity from the other direction) because it glosses over any legitimate political grievances.

Hamas may be a religious fanatical terrorist organization, but from what I can tell, about 90% of the folks in Israel/Palestine are happy to get along and mind their own business. The remaining 10% run the two countries.

Robot Jesus
10th November 11, 03:49 PM
if it's a religious issue what's stopping Islamic states from accepting the Palestinians as refugees? Other then they serve a political purpose and the headache that assimilating that many useless people would be politically impossible?

10th November 11, 04:03 PM
hey guiz I just found another example of a dood who left his ancestral religion and now denounces his family's political views


maybe he's just a nut

point? counterpoint?