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15th September 11, 06:11 AM
Australians have been given a third choice when describing their gender on passport applications, under new guidelines aimed at removing discrimination.

Transgender people and those of ambiguous sex will be able to list their gender as indeterminate, which will be shown on passports as an X.

People whose gender was different from that of their birth were previously required to have reassignment surgery before they could change their passport to their preferred sex.

An Australian senator, Louise Pratt - whose partner was born female and is now identified as a man - said the reform was a huge step forward.

New Australian passports allow third gender option (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14926598)

An abomination?

Fair play?

Dont care?

Have your say NOW!

15th September 11, 06:15 AM
They found a new species of dolphin in Australia too.

'The dolphins that frolic in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes, numbering around 150, were originally thought to be one of the two recognised bottlenose species.

But Monash University PhD researcher Kate Charlton-Robb found they were different by comparing skulls, DNA and physical traits with specimens dating back to the early 1900s.

She has named them Tursiops australis, although they will commonly be known as the Burrunan dolphin, an Aboriginal name meaning large sea fish of the porpoise kind.

"This is an incredibly fascinating discovery as there have only been three new dolphin species formally described and recognised since the late 1800s," Charlton-Robb said of her research, published in the PLoS One journal.

"What makes this even more exciting is this dolphin species has been living right under our noses, with only two known resident populations living in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria state."

The research relied in part on the analysis of dolphin skulls collected and maintained by museums over the last century, particularly holdings at Museum Victoria.'

15th September 11, 06:16 AM
"Gender: X" actually sounds pretty cool.

Not cool enough for me to cut my dick off mind you.

15th September 11, 06:56 AM
Would you tuck for it ?

15th September 11, 06:59 AM
If that were to be my passport photo, yes.

15th September 11, 10:41 AM
Rise of the X-Men...

I love the use of the word ambiguous in there. As for the issue, if it makes people happier to have more variety in official identification then go for it.

15th September 11, 12:00 PM
Yeah but what about this Australian?


What do they qualify as?

15th September 11, 04:13 PM
Your dream date?

15th September 11, 05:18 PM
Those tits and that mind would be my dream date, sure.

15th September 11, 07:00 PM
Yeah but no neck.

15th September 11, 07:09 PM
That's actually a good point. Neck is a deal sealer for me.