View Full Version : RIP Wade Belak..3rd NHL Enforcer To Die Within 4 Months ??

1st September 11, 11:16 AM
Ok..wtf is going on ?
First Boogard, then Rypien now Wade Belak has been found dead in his Toronto apartment. He was only 35 yrs. old for christ's sake !


Official cause of death hasn't been released but it is sounding like another suicide.
I always liked this guy and was a bit disappointed when Toronto traded him and I didn't get to watch him play anymore. Although somewhat limited skill-wise, Belak was more versatile than many scrappers because he could play on the wing or as a D-man.
He always seemed happy and was quick to joke with the media.

1st September 11, 11:28 AM
Copycat stuff is crazy.

1st September 11, 12:36 PM
Suicide pact?

1st September 11, 03:10 PM
Latest reports seem to be confirming it was indeed a suicide.
The guy was 35 and his NHL days were over , having been waived in mid-season by the Preds. But he must have had lots of cash and ..oh well, who knows what was going on in his life.
I just think this is a shame.
I wonder if he was taking Oxycontin too..that fucking stuff should be banned.

2nd September 11, 03:01 PM
Good article about the fallout:

5th June 12, 02:48 PM

Irresponsible doctoring..

5th June 12, 03:45 PM
Well, hopefully the NHL doesn't try to bury this.

It's a genuine concern, and one they need to get out in front of. If this is as pervasive as it seems, we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

And 622 oxycodone pills is fucking huge. Boogard was a major junkie.

5th June 12, 08:28 PM
And 622 oxycodone pills is fucking huge.

That's over a mere 6 months !
It doesn't say how many mg they were..40's , 80's or whatever. But I'm guessing they were the big one's. Maybe even 100's ( which you cannot get in Canada ).

7th June 12, 05:00 PM
Average of 3/day.

If you aren't used to it, that's basically gonna put you in a coma.