View Full Version : Rypien's Death Renews Debate On Fighting In NHL

17th August 11, 11:57 AM
I am really tired of the anti-fighting crowd using tragedy to further their arguments about the role of fighting in hockey.
It is widely speculated that Rick Rypien's death was a suicide - and because he was a known scrapper, the whiners whine loudly as possible - it must be the fact that he was a fighter who detested his role on the team that led him to become depressed and take his own life.

17th August 11, 12:26 PM
I really wish people would wait at least until the corpse was cool before putting their own personal agendas forward. Reminds me of the Westboro Church assholes.

17th August 11, 01:18 PM
I know..its really disgusting that these pacifist pussies use a tragic death as a means to further their own agenda.
The guy kills himself and it automatically becomes a hockey issue?
I understand the arguments that are being put forth and there may be some merit to them (but maybe not, either), but the day after a man's suicide is not the time to be stirring shit up and using him as fuel. His family and friends surely don't appreciate it.
As of right now, there is no reason to believe that his suicide was connected to his role as an NHL player.
Enforcing is a stressful job for a hockey player..no matter whether you are on top or an up and comer. If you are on top, you have to worry about maintaining your position and keeping your job. If you are a young guy trying to prove yourself - you have to worry about getting beaten too many times and sent back to the minors.
The solution in my mind: make sure your pugilistic ability is accompanied by a solid, all-around hockey skillset. Work on your skating so you don't look out of place on a line with premiere forwards and be the guy who is willing to drive the net and get garbage goals. Most importantly, be the guy that most enforcers already are - the most respected member of the team. The other players know what a tough job it is and how crucial their role is.
I just don't think that people who have never played hockey, at any level, truly understand why fighting is important to the game. Its about so much more than glorified violence and brutality. Unfortunately, too many people don't understand this.
I, for one, don't have the fucking time to explain it to them.
The truth is, over the last ten years or so - the role of the enforcer has changed to the point where you have to have a decent amount of skill to keep your job. There are very few 'goons' in the league anymore..and by 'goon' I mean guys who are only there to fight and are a constant liability on the ice in any other situation because they don't possess the type of hockey ability needed to play in the NHL.
Its disrespectful to the players for people outside the game ( especially people who don't even watch hockey, but have an opinion anyways) to try and dictate the terms on which the athletes compete.
Let the players decide the fighting issue.

17th August 11, 02:06 PM
We don't know if it was suicide yet. It is still speculation.
The people closest to me that have killed themselves did it without any of the classic warning signs. Often it happens deep inside, where no one can tread. Who knows how long his hockey carear delayed his escaping this world?

17th August 11, 03:33 PM
So do Hockey players end up with brains like dry roasted cashew nuts same as NFL players? Is that the argument?

17th August 11, 03:41 PM
They should ban music cause dudes like Elliot Smith and Kurt Cobain done offed themselfs. They must have just absolutely hated writing and performing music. We need to stop this cruelty this instant. I bet Vincent Van Gogh would still be rockin an extra ear if it wasn't for the pressure put on him to paint masterpieces. I mean shit, Chris Benoit not only killed himself but his whole family! Ban pro wrestling now!!! Don't even get me started with Pappa Hemingway... OH THE HUMANITY!

17th August 11, 04:26 PM
So do Hockey players end up with brains like dry roasted cashew nuts same as NFL players? Is that the argument?

In a nutshell (pardon the pun), yes. Contact to the melon results in a series of concussions, one of the side effects is depression which leads to suicide.

18th August 11, 07:59 PM
In other NHL news : looks like we'll have some new nets this year.

19th August 11, 08:27 AM
No new commissioner?

19th August 11, 11:20 AM
No new commissioner?

Dare to dream my friend, dare to dream..

Gary is playing into the media's hands by conceding to 'review' the league's substance abuse program in the wake of Rypien and Boogard's deaths, however.