View Full Version : Small matter

Kein Haar
27th March 11, 07:27 PM
I actually asked my name to be changed to "nid". No capital latters.

Leave it to Steven to fuck that up. He was probably all effed up on alcohol at the time.

Anyhoo, could someone just...change it?

27th March 11, 07:41 PM
Ask and ye shall receive.

It should go back to General McFawnbottom etc etc or whatever it was.

27th March 11, 08:27 PM
Steve is the only one with admin powers around here. The rest of us can only move posts and accidentally close treads.

Steve will probably happen along and change your name to nad.

27th March 11, 11:22 PM
"Accidentally" close threads? Bullshit. You're a fascist.

27th March 11, 11:38 PM
Promise reforms then round up the agitators. All is going to plan.

28th March 11, 01:29 AM