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20th February 11, 12:56 PM
The guy crossed the finish line with THIS in his leg! Badass!



Aziz Awang recovering in hospital after 10-inch long splinter picked up in Keirin final is removed from calf

Malaysia's Aziz Awang is recovering in Manchester Royal Infirmary after a successful emergency operation to remove a ten-inch long splinter from his calf muscle after a four-man crash on the final bend of Saturday night's Keirin.

Sir Chris Hoy, well clear of the field, won the race in commanding style but incredibly Awang remounted his bike and crossed the line to finish third and take the overall World Cup title before the full extent of his injury became apparent.

His screams of pain could be heard around the packed velodrome as medics rushed to attend and take him to hospital where he had to be sedated overnight before a specialist medical team could attempt the trickiest of procedures.

After today's operation he tweeted: "Operation done . . . splinter taken out cleanly.Alhamdulillah..thanks for the prayer n support"

The injury is a massive blow to the popular Melbourne-based Malaysian who is normally known for his trademark wheelie over the finishing line when he has won. Prior to the injury he would have been one of the leading contenders for the Keirin and individual sprint at the World Championships next month.

"He was in a lot of pain but he's a really tough kid, all these Keirin riders are," said Malaysia's head coach John Beasley. "It was decided to leave it overnight to get a specialist surgical team in and scan the injury frrom all angles to aide the operation.

"The good news is that there doesn't appear to be much nerve damage which is your first worry. We will take it easy now, and travel back to Melbourne, where we are based, next week and take our time with the recovery. Another thing to avoid with these injuries is infection after surgery. His season is obviously over so there is no rush, our priority now is to get him right for the Olympics.

"I've been inovlved in cycling a long time and you hear tales of these injuries, riders being speared through the ribs, but that is by far the worst I have seen although initially I wasn't aware of it. When he crashed I went over to Aziz and checked his head, that's what you always do. Then I said 'Are you ok?' he replied 'yes, put me back on my bike'.

"It was only after he crossed the line and leaning up against the barrier that he looked down and noticed the splinter. And it was about then that pain kicked in."

20th February 11, 06:25 PM
Damn - some hardcore cycling right there. But he must've never watched Looney Toons - first rule is never look down.

21st February 11, 05:36 PM
After today's operation he tweeted: "Operation done . . . splinter taken out cleanly. Alhamdulillah..thanks for the prayer n support"

Thanks God, thanks people for their prayers, but couldn't be bothered to thank the medical team - who actually did something to help him.

21st February 11, 09:24 PM
Perhaps he did that personally instead of just tweeting them.

23rd February 11, 09:25 AM
What no one seems to notice is that the only reason resolve posted this is so he could write 'WANG' on the front page....

23rd February 11, 10:00 PM


Yiktin Voxbane
24th February 11, 03:04 AM
Wang-splinter .... it made parts of me cringe I didn't know could cringe ...

24th February 11, 01:27 PM

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