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Spade: The Real Snake
3rd January 11, 12:40 PM
Wasn't sure where to put this.....
I always liked those wood animals they sold at places like Pier One or Cost Plus imports. We had some wood carved cats from Africa for years until our son was a toddler and got hold of them and snapped the tails off.

We later moved to iron wood carvings, which are more durable but also more boring. When he got older, we looked to replace them with something a bit more ornate.
I always like the Dia De Los Muertos style with the bright colored skeletons, doing all manner of normal things. The Latinos I knew were all from Northern Border states so I was always accustomed to their traditions. Looking to get some wooden wolves to replace the cats, I came across the Oaxacan style of Mexican Folk Art, which is passed down from generation to generation with each family having their own style of carving and paint.
It really is beautiful, in its own way. The colors and fine details, just painstakingly applied to create the overall image. As you can tell, I really, really like the owls, I don't know why, they just look kickass...but I am planning on hooking up some fucking Kung Fu animals like dragons, cranes, tigers.

I hadn't had much exposure to the Southern Mexican style of artwork, with Oaxaca sitting right above Central America, and thought some of you other Sociociders might like a little exposure to it, as well.

This thread is for you to post your favorite Oaxacan Wood Carving.

3rd January 11, 12:51 PM
The style makes alot of sense coming from that culture's ancient history.

Cool finds, thanks for the info!

3rd January 11, 12:56 PM
I don't really care for that type of art myself but this is interesting:


Spade: The Real Snake
3rd January 11, 01:06 PM
i like this dragon...if it was in a different color

3rd January 11, 01:09 PM

I want this guy on the nightstand to watch and protect me while I am having sex.

3rd January 11, 01:11 PM
You could stuff it up your ass to protect you from having sex...

Spade: The Real Snake
3rd January 11, 01:13 PM
stuffing it up his ass IS having sex, for him

3rd January 11, 03:28 PM
That wolf is beautiful.

Your idea of Kung Fu animals doesn't really seem to be in line with the Oaxacan's traditional animals and might look kitschy.

Spade: The Real Snake
3rd January 11, 03:30 PM
The only one I haven't liked is the Crane, cux it is blue.

The dragon and tiger and mantis and cobra are all pretty cool....

3rd January 11, 03:32 PM
You don't like blue? Link me to the cobra pic plz (the carving).

Spade: The Real Snake
3rd January 11, 03:40 PM
It looked like a pelican.....


3rd January 11, 03:42 PM

Spade: The Real Snake
3rd January 11, 03:44 PM
It's awesome.
All that curved carving and nice circular motion....I like it.