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27th November 10, 11:29 PM
Evening #1

Braised lamb with baby vegetables grown in my own garden. The red wine sauce mingled with the juices of the meat, its aroma tantalizing my hunger.

I greeted the lovely Tatiana and placed her gift of Asti in a bucket of ice. It wouldn’t suit at all but one had to play the gracious host. The lamb was succulent, melting off the bone at my lightest touch as I served her. It went well with the red head that first broke my heart.

Evening #2

Slow cooked Moroccan chicken prepared with loving patience. The spices permeating the air provided warmth and comfort on this cold winter night. A squeeze of lemon and a garnish of finely chopped parsley and coriander bring the dish alive.

Summer enjoyed every single bite I fed her in slivers as I caressed her neck with my free hand, curling her soft blond locks below her ear. She shivered right before I stabbed her with the serving fork. More for me.

Evening #3

Herb stuffed soft-shelled crab on a bed of spring greens. A tumbler of whiskey for us both as we laughed the night away in memory of times past.

Audrey wanted to see my wine collection. I gave her my arm to lead the way, her soft lilac dress swishing against me. She looked beautiful sprawled at the bottom of the dark staircase.

Evening #4

Crispy duck with sour cherry sauce and steamed fennel. Exquisite music flowed from Vivienne’s fingers as she elicited pure beauty from her violin. My very own maestro.

Her fine Oriental skin blushed as I stood behind her and caressed her emerald adorned ear lobes. The last note of her Haydn solo resounded in my den as I garroted her cleanly with her spare violin strings.

Evening #5

Laksa with coriander crusted pork. My eyes close in delight as I inhale the coconut milk and lime and sprinkle fresh bean sprouts on top of the creamy spiced broth.

Alia crossed her legs to allow the red velvet of her dress to fall away exposing a lean olive thigh. Distraction was always the name of her game. Her dark eyes sparkled with mischief as she took my king. He was soon blocking her windpipe with the rest of the white pieces.

Evening #6

Ginger grilled beef with sweet potato salad and caramelized onions.

Adrienne had brought home-made Portugese tarts for dessert. We danced cheek to cheek her head tucked into the crook of my neck in sweet trust. A lovely girl but she had to go too. The vegetable patch would thank her for her contribution for years to come.

Evening #7

Leftovers on Sunday in front of the television.

He smiled as he crossed his legs on the stool in front of him as he thought of his successful week of entertaining. A stack of fresh invitation cards lay beside him for his spring guests. He’d have to plan the most scrumptious menu for the occasion.

27th November 10, 11:43 PM
*claps* That...was impressive. Winnar winnar chicken dinnar.