View Full Version : A Tale Of Two Inches

27th November 10, 04:57 PM
Richard Littlefeather was elated; after all he had discovered the secrets to overcoming both immortality and the horrible physical defects handed down from untold amounts of
Inbreeding, substance abuse and backscatter radiation.

Little Dicky, as he is referred to by people pretending to be his friends, (who only used him as a tragically deformed muse) never experienced the soft caress of any woman, including his mother who took her own life shortly after the initial vision of the thing that emerged from her womb in the backseat of a 67 Rambler convertible while visiting her drug dealer/baby daddy.

One day, while rummaging through a medical waste dumpster for his daily victuals, he found it, the secret that would change his life forever.

With this new object, he could appear to be whatever he wanted: wealthy, handsome,

Richard Littlefeather was a fat, dwarfish and incredibly fugly excuse for a human being, but he stood eight feet tall with a keyboard.

27th November 10, 05:05 PM
I hang on your every word and you give us this?! It's funny but not enough!

27th November 10, 05:06 PM
So you are saying I should spend more than five minutes writing a story?

27th November 10, 05:14 PM
Yes, make it like the Arabian Nights.

I like the bit about Little Dicky looking for his daily victuals in the medical waste bin. Your cruelty knows no bounds.

27th November 10, 06:04 PM
Sorry, the next one will have to have an Arabian Knights theme.

27th November 10, 07:48 PM
needs more man on man action for my taste.