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8th November 10, 10:26 PM
“I wish I had a machine that could record my thoughts as they play in my head, in their entirety, for me to come back and develop and my leisure. I have too many different trains of thought to follow and I'm upset because a lot of them are very interesting... for example, right now I get the feeling that we're submerged in a bathysphere. All my sensory input contributes to this, the ways that shadows are projected on the wall and the way that sounds are reverberating

“Try drawing a picture and making notes. I think Shulgin recommended that.”

“I've been keeping a journal, actually. I'm going to add that to it.

“Ever read any Jung?”


“He's big on keeping journals, especially of strange experiences and dreams.”

“Something I really like about this experience is that I feel that my thoughts are more perspicuous inside of my own mind, and the process is uh, more exhilarating, although at the same time I find it more difficult to translate my thoughts into words.

“You should certainly make notes.”

“I keep returning to the underwater and nautical cliche, in visualizations and in mental hallucinations... I'm currently under assault by various strains of thought and the way that I'm cataloging these strains is creating strains of their own... uh, right now I'm picturing this sort of alternate conscious, let's say an Id, which is the part of a brain that can think to itself without worrying too much about the limits of language on itself. Instead of thinking to itself in dialogue it can reach conclusions more... organically, yet at the same time, since this process is superlinguistic it's hard to translate into words.

“It might be less frustrating for you if you tried to communicate them using other media.”

“I'm seeing something very profound behind the concept that alien life, or god, can think or exist on a plane that we cannot comprehend. I'm thinking that God can be a useful uh, rhetorical tool, and by considering the ramifications of His supernatural abilities I can... consider, uh, that is it's a tool I can use to study logic, and logical fallacies. There's sort of a frontier that a mind can keep working towards,
I'm picturing Id as a sort of frontier, or mountain, that we can trawl for ideas like we would oil or gold.”

“Is it personal? or a collective resource?”

“Not quite either... "id", or "frontier" is something that I think about in ways that generate new ideas and I think that's what I was getting at when I mentioned God earlier, but I'm having trouble making the connection... actually, I'm conveying the connection. I have the connection made very clearly in my head... I can think about God, or Id, or another abstract concept, in a way that helps me understand other concepts. This whole time I've been considering logical fallacies inherent in an omnipotent being, those old little things like, “Can God create a stone he cannot lift,” and “If God is able to prevent evil, but not willing, et cetera” and I feel that it's helping me understand the underlying fallacy a little better than before, when I had encountered these anecdotes but not given them much thought.”

“We have logos and mythos, two ways of thinking. I think you're describing mythos”

“What is mythos?”

“Well logos is conscious logical thought. Mythos is its opposite, where you reach conclusions without having neat steps.”

“I don't think my mind is operating quite like that, but I can see some similarities. I feel like I have one method of thought that is less capable, but easier to use and understand. It's very much like logos, and it ponders things like a dialogue, in my native language. But then I feel that this other method, or Id, or mythos, is more capable but difficult to process and, because it doesn't process things in English, is difficult to document. I think Id, or mythos, could be the one that composes music or artwork, and on some level might be responsible for helping me to process deeper intellectual concepts, that is mythos is responsible for those epiphanies where you suddenly understand something without needing its constituent parts laid before you. I wonder now if logos and mythos might help to explain differences in intelligence. I feel that, if I met someone who could process figures equally as well as myself, whose logos was just as keen, one of us could have a sharper mythos that allowed him to discern the trends behind those figures.”

“People's brains do vary somewhat biologically

“But what I'm wondering is how meaningful that variation is.”

“I think it's about as meaningful as how fast you can sprint or how tall you are.”

“I'm putting myself into the mind of someone "less intelligent" than me and trying to consider my position.”

“When was the last time you met somebody smarter than you?”

“From this standpoint I'm not sure. I've met people who could process facts more quickly but seemed to have trouble discerning the meaning behind them. I don't think I've trawled academia long enough to meet anyone who could best me at rote memorization and application.”

“I've met plenty of people more intelligent than me. They tend to come across as thinking with more clarity and precision.”

“I'm thinking that intellectual capacity is broadly relative”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I'm wondering if human minds don't have the same general capacity and individual intelligence is just a factor of how well we're able to utilize that mind.”

“I think that's true within loose bands of intellect but some concepts are really beyond some people. Think about somebody severely learning impaired and imagine trying to get them to understand the concept of 'political satire'. I think they'd just be unable to understand what was happening and get very bored very quickly.”

“I didn't mean to imply that people like that simply haven't spent enough time pondering concepts to get them. But consider economics, or physics. What I'm wondering is whether or not average people are unable to wrap their minds wholly around it, that is, no matter what effort they put forth their mind could never fully understand it, or whether they simply haven't spent the time researching the concept and learning how to utilize the whole of their mind.”

“I think an average person could given sufficient time and enthusiasm, but they would have to study quite hard and just rote memorize bits before they saw certain things fit together.”

“I think they could raise their own intelligence above 'average' if they spent enough time engaged in this sort of thing to learn how to think with this superlinguistic Id, and maybe we could develop ours further. I didn't actually think that either of us are average, but it helped to uh, eliminate the outliers when I was developing that thought. I do wonder about what makes my mind different from others.”

“Probably some modest physical differences coupled with lots of time spent reading and thinking.”

“What if my mind is so complex that my mind cannot possibly comprehend itself?”

“Well, it can't comprehend itself entirely. That would be computationally impossible.”

“I'm picturing myself as being more intelligent than myself, and picturing myself as being less intelligent than myself, and neither makes sense.”

“I think the nearest you can get to the experience of being less intelligent is when you're tired and 'can't think straight'.”

“I'm not actually interested in the experience of being less or more intelligent.”

“What are you trying to picture then?”

“I'm wondering if there might be far reaches of logic that are sort of subjective, since every brain is going to be a little bit different. Certainly a rock is a rock, but maybe that's why some people can't accept art as art?”

This isn't actually finished. I think I need to take some more mushrooms before I'll be able to comprehend it well enough to complete it.

Fairy XXXmas
8th November 10, 10:32 PM
Stories need plot, by the way.

8th November 10, 10:33 PM
It's a story about two men having a dialogue. The dialogue is the plot. Now stop shitting on my magnificent thread.

Fairy XXXmas
8th November 10, 10:45 PM
Setting is also important.

But you got characters. So that's... pretty good.

8th November 10, 10:46 PM
A setting is absolutely not required.

Fairy XXXmas
8th November 10, 10:51 PM
I said "important", not "required".

Ah, I'm just fuckin' with you. I haven't even read it yet, but I'm gonna. Eventually.

8th November 10, 11:07 PM
Out! Get out!

9th November 10, 12:55 AM
Why? So Lebell can come in here and do one of two things: Suck your dick or tell you like everyone else that it's a 1,000 word limit?

9th November 10, 01:10 AM
Whose stupid ass idea was the word limit?

9th November 10, 01:19 AM
I'm assuming the sticky in CTC did.


Well, that didn't work at all, but yes, the limit is 1,000 words.

9th November 10, 01:20 AM
Word limits are a fantastic way to keep me out of future writing contests.

9th November 10, 01:41 AM
The word limit is so everyone can have time to read your story. The judges can take word count into consideration, most likely in a tie breaker situation.

9th November 10, 01:53 AM
I'm the one who decides when I finish writing.
Now read my fucking shit.

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
10th November 10, 05:57 AM
I'm the one who decides when I finish writing.
Now read my fucking shit.

Well you were right about the 'fucking shit' part.

11th November 10, 04:24 PM
Well you were right about the 'fucking shit' part.

Please articulate.

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
12th November 10, 11:46 AM
Well it was basically the ramblings of somebody who had taken a mild psychedelic. I'll go n munch a few shrooms if I want to hear that, its much more meaningful/interesting in person.

Maybe 'fucking shit' was too strong. Soz

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
12th November 10, 12:43 PM
Anyhow BOIHOLE is gonna win

12th November 10, 04:20 PM
Way to miss the point.

12th November 10, 06:05 PM
Metafiction was a bold choice.

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
14th November 10, 09:43 AM
Way to miss the point.

what point?

14th November 10, 05:40 PM
Don't try to hard. It's literally painted all over the walls.

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
15th November 10, 05:10 AM
Don't try to hard. It's literally painted all over the walls.

Was tha the point?

I dont get it.

15th November 10, 05:14 AM
They're discussing the point of the story.

15th November 10, 05:19 AM

Dr. Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Vermin
15th November 10, 05:27 AM
Very generous

Toby Christensen
1st December 10, 05:22 AM
That was nothing more than a discussion on psychology. I have those every fortnight with someone much prettier and more likeable than Mega.

No points.